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The Big Bang Theory - Sheldon takes care of Amy


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Looks like another sick episode of The Big Bang Theory!


"The Fish Guts Displacement: Sheldon tries to nurse a sick Amy back to health, while Wolowitz prepares for an upcoming fishing trip with his father-in-law."

~TV Links

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I am convinced one of us has infiltrated their writers.

I doubt it. I think that sickness is just particularly well-suited to revealing characters' capacity (or lack thereof) to feel and show empathy. A lot of the humor on that show centers around empathy not being shown when the average person would expect it.

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Thank you. For killing all of my hopes and dreams. You may now receive one puppy. Feel free to train it in accounting.

edited to correct spelling.

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While I'm never a fan of the "faking it to get attention" scenario, I love Amy too much to care. I'm glad she (sort of) got some action. :P Sheldon is a cute caretaker.

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