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"The Office" request


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I feel really silly asking for this but... I'm extremely intrigued by Zach Woods' character on "The Office." He seems like a total creep and he's super tall and awkward and nobody in the show seems to like him and for some reason those are things I'm very attracted to. yay.gif If somebody could write a fic with Gabe I would be eternally grateful and/or offer something in return. I'm not very picky as far as cause/plot/etc. go.

If nobody wants to take this on I may eventually write something myself... though I like reading other people's stuff better than my own (probably because it requires absolutely no work on my end beyond the actual process of reading tonguesmiley.gif). If so, would anyone even read it?

(I do realize I started a Jim/Pam story a few weeks ago that has yet to be finished... dead.gif ADD.)

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