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Gakuen Hetalia DS - America sneezing


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I was just playing my Gakuen Hetalia DS rom to get Canada voice clips to use for an UTAU, when I come across this:

Sorry about the size, unfortunately, I don't know how to

1. make a PSP emulator work

2. get the Gakuen Hetalia ROM on PSP.

I have DeSmuMe, and the DS ROM, so it's simpler, but it appears to be the inferior version. I'm sorry.

Anyway, I promptly opened my Savestate before it, and recorded the event for you all. Unfortunately, I don't know the circumstances behind the sneeze, nor what he says during the rest of the event. If someone could help me translate it, it would be much appreciated.

Aahha, it's quite a cute sneeze. XD A lot better than his derpy one from England's Mini Drama.

And if you want an extra challenge, I also found an event involving Japan fainting, but I won't link it here until I have all the outcomes uploaded.

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...ahem. As you very well know, I am not at all fluent in Japanese, but here's what I'm getting:

After America sneezes, Seychelles asks if he has a cold. He responds by complaining that the room is a little cold (like in a horror movie??). Seychelles goes on to ask him about his own room. This I know for sure!

The little heart comes out because he's happy that Seychelles wants to know about his room. I'm assuming the weird pounding noise is America drawing on the chalkboard? It's like he can't explain it in words, so he draws where it is, how it looks, etc. He uses that same line about how his drawing skills were developed in New York and how he uses the pop art style to make cute designs, or something. He brags about the fantastic, exciting, special room that a hero like him has. Seychelles ends by being amazed at the chaos that just happened.

Sorry I can't do any better than that. At least I got the most important part, right? XDDD

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D'awww it's adorable! 8'D He said that the room is a little chilly so that might be why he sneezed. I'll have to listen a second time to actually pay attention to the rest LOL

Oh derp. Didn't realize Natsuko beat me to this LOL

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Emily: Hahaaah, gotta be a little quicker than that~! Just kidding. wink.png

Edit: I must admit, I am impressed by your understanding Japanese!

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Aaaahhh, Natsuko! I knew you'd come to my rescue! Thank you so much, I honestly had no idea what was going on. It makes sense now. ^^

Also, if you have a DS emulator (I find that DeSmuMe works best, though iDeaS works too), I can send you the ROM, if you want.

And thank you, as well, Emily. ^^ XD

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@Natsuko: It's nothing impressive :'D I'm learning Japanese right now so I get all proud and stuff when I understand a few phrases LOL

@Daisoku: OMG SEND IT TO ME PLEASE :heart: that was an otome game right? RIGHT? I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY ONE ; u ;

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