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Holiday LED Decoration Lights?


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Alright, people, I have a question.

Can anyone see the flickering in LED Christmas lights?

I have four strands that I decorate with every year, that I bought three years ago at a pretty decent holiday store. My parents and visitors love them, but I am about ready to burn the little ^&%^%$%$^%&$^ers right off my tree because they give me a migraine.

No one else seems to notice, BUT THOSE STUPID LITTLE LIGHTS FLICKER ALL THE TIME LIKE A BLEEPING STROBE LIGHT. It's extremely annoying out of the corner of my eye, and looking at my tree for too long gives me an instant migraine. I know WHY they flicker, but I'm pretty sure that it's imperceptible to every other human eye that looks at them. I'm very sensitive to light; some of it probably has to do with my eye color, because I've got these bizarro silver eyes; But I don't think I'm THAT unhuman...

I digress. Does anyone else have this problem?

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I have some LED ones that don't flicker, necessarily, but they do sort of 'vibrate'....they're colored ones and they look very strange if I stare at them. They make me feel ill if I look at them for too long.

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