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Umeko's 200 Prompt Drabble Challange


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1Love 2Light 3Dark 4Break Away 5Heaven 6Drive 7Breathe

8Smile 9Silence 10 Blood 11Vacation 12Cat 13Trouble Lurking 14Tears 15Sorrow 16Flowers 17Night 18Precious Treasure 19Eyes 20Abandoned 21Dreams 22Dying 23Family 24Childhood 25Stripes 26Cursed

27First Kiss 28Addiction 29Distraction 30Fire 31Surprise 32Forget 33Song 34Insanity 35Lies 36Underworld 37Monster 38Insomnia 39Warmth 40Vampires 41Drown 42Seeing Red 43Broken 44Hero 45Blood 46Daughter 47Winter 48Running 49Watching 50Chains


51Music 52Alone 53Wounded 54Fall

55Cold 56Wings 57The Truth 58Lies 59Scarred

60Home 61Hell 62Feathers 63Sneaky 64Questions

65Style 66Fight 67Walking away 68Flying

69Luck 70False Alarm 71Stage 72Grocery Store

73Christmas 74Disaster 75Guitar 76Blush

77Bet 78Danger 79Floof 80Sarcasm

81Fault 82Dust 83Hayfever 84Stare-Down

85Bite 86Dog 87Shower 88Tiger

89Morning 90Ice 91Phone 92Knife

93SWH 94Cute 95Denial 96Protective

97Voice 98Silly 99Tease 100Birthmark


101Pounce 102Window 103Butterfly 104Handsome 105Perfume

106Attack 107Pepper 108Rough 109Webcam

110Interview 111Motorcycle 112Bed 113Park

114Mischief 115Muffin 116Beloved 117Stubborn 118Yellow

119Embrace 120Gentle 121Chickflick 122Sweet

123Charm 124Fever 125Asshole 126Sensetivity

127Lilly 128Worried 129Summer 130Struggle

131Electric 132Explode 133Grass 134Pillow

135Bowl 136Drunk 137Feed 138Accident

139April 140Daily 141Ticklish 142Dandelions

143Super Mario 144Box 145Braid 146Soft

147Rival 148Strumming 149Sky 150Imagine


151Sexy 152Expression 153Float 154New Years

155Weed 156Hypothermia 157Playful 158Catnip

159Failed 160Shackles 161Nightmare 162Yearbook

163Parade 164Agony 165Tender

166Valentine's Day 167Boken 168Rude

169Beautiful 170Moan 171Tense

172Highlight 173Study 174Develop 175Write

176Set up 177Contract 178Coach 179Recognize

180Forecast 181Compose 182Furry 183Fine

184Comfort 185Condition 186Thunder

187Chalk 188Rub 189Competition

190Attraction 191Zoo 192Translate 193Amusement

194 Stitch 195 Smell 196 Examine 197 Sold

198 Observe 199 Desire 200 Madly In Love


This is going to be so much fun!! Going to start right away!

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OMG more motivation to finish the drabble thread I've already started, so I can start doing this one! Looks really fun, I'm liking these words!

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142. Dandelions

Rate: Original

Characters: Skyiler and His son Benjamin


It was a lovely mid summer day, the sun was high, sky blue as can be, no clouds in sight.

Skyiler and his family had gone to a meadow, close to a big lake, to relax and enjoy the weather.

Benjamin who's only four years old is running around in the grass, chasing butterflies and playing with the water.

Skyiler is lying down in the grass basking in the sun, while Aiyame is reading next to him.

Then the small boy comes running and jumps onto his father's stomach and giggles bouncing "Daddy! Daddy! Look what I found!"

The purple striped hybrid looked up at his son, his vision is still quite blurry as he fell asleep "Hm? what's that Benji?" Yawning and rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

Then the boy bring out a small handfull of yellow flowers "See! Aren't they pretty papa? I don't know what they are but they are very pretty!"

Skyiler's deep red eyes widened in horror "Th... Thoes are Daaah...dandelions" His eyes began to itch instantly and fill up with allergic tears.

Benjamin looked confused at the flowers and then at his father "Dan... dandilions? are they kitty cat flowers?"

Skyiler shook his head and rubbed his eyes "Dno... Theeh they are dnot... ehhh *crap!* Theeh they are weeds... ehh Ahhh Aiiyame... eeehh snf..."

His muzzle twitched and wrinkled a little, his eyes beginning to spill over and tear began to stream down his face.

He sniffed wetly making the boy cock his head to the side "Papa why are you sad? You don't like dandelions?"

again his father shook his head, both to disagree with the boy and also to try and shake off the slowly increasing urge to sneeze

"Dno... ihhh it's dnot thaaah... ahhh that... I'b aaahh... allergiiih allergic eeeh eeehhh"

Realising it's no use, he quickly coils his tails around his son securing him, as he pitches to the side burring his muzzle in the crook of his elbow.

"heeeeh... KSHUUUU!! eeeh'tssshhhhh!! TSHHH!! Ehhh'chuu!! eehh eeehhh CHUU!! heeeechuu!! hiiihhSHUU!!" His body is trembling as he draws in more air only to release it again, his lungs are screaming for oxygen.

Aiyame has turned to them and seeing the boy with the dandelions, she acted without thinking and grabbed the flowers and threw them into the lake.

Then she came back and saw her son looking extremely sad "Mama I think I broked papa..."

She grabbed her son "No my angel, you didn't, papa is just allergic to thoes flowers, this is how he reacts to them."

She said and grabbed a hanky from her purse, sat down next to her suffering boyfriend and began rubbing his back soothingly "Here Sky... try blowing..."

The singer gladly took the hanky and blew long and hard "snf snf... eehh TSHUU!! Ihh I cad't stoooh stob..." He got up and wobbily went over to the lake and washed his face.

After a while, the attack died out and he lied back down in the grass, panting, sniffing and coughing "aww... man... that was bad..." rubbing his temples "I feel lightheaded..."

The boy crawled over to his father, ears down looking rather sad "I'm sorry papa..." tears filling his eyes.

Skyiler grabbed his son and hugged him "Dno it's dnot your fault, you did't kdow that I'b allergic. Dod't cry okay?" nuzzling his son lovingly.

Then slowly both fell asleep, Benjamin tucked his head in Skyiler's soft furred neck and held his braid close like a blanky.

Aiyame smiled at her precious man and son, She kissed her son's head and then her boyfriend's muzzle, that caused it to twitch a little, making the singer turn quickly to the side and "hehh'KSUU! Nngh... tshh!" let out a couple of tired soft sneeze.

He glanced over at her "Your kisses tickles..." then he gently brought her down to his level and gave her a tender kiss on her lips instead.

She blushed and giggled "Sorry"

then she settled back down and kept on reading.


199 to go!

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139. April

Rate: Original

Characters: Orikaiio & Aya

Sneezer: Orikaiio (Hayfever)


It's sunset in Kyoto, its in the beginning of April and the cherry blossom trees have sprouted into a colorful shade of pink.

The clock struck 7, when Aya woke up, he yawned and stretched out "mmm I slept like a mortal" he said and looked over at the person sleeping next to him.

That said person was his beloved Orikaiio Takeshiina, he studied the way he slept.

The younger one was sleeping on his stomach, with his arms under his pillow, his beautiful crimson hair was draped over his back which was otherwise bare.

Suddenly, Aya saw his lover tense up and bury his face in his pillow as he drew a ragged breath "hhh..." Aya smirked knowing what was going to happen and looked around for a near by tissue box, he found one and kept it close as the redhead erupted "hh'shuu!! heeeh mmhphuu!! heeh'tshhh! tshhh tshhh tshh! Ishhu!! shuuuhu!! snf snf eeeh CSHUU!".

Aya rubbed his lover's back "Hey... here try blowing a little... maybe it'll help..." Orikaiio grabbed them and brought them to his face "heeh'TSHUU!" then he blew his nose and sniffed.

The older vampire put his arms around his lover and brought him closer, Orikaiio didn't mind he snuggled upto Aya and rested his aching head against his chest.

"There feeling better?" Aya asked and kissed the redhead's forehead before he pitched forwards again "t'shuu! snf... dno... I hate sprig! I hate bost of by life! Ihhhh! I hachuu! This is what I sped bost of by life doig! Ihh ishhooo! if I'b dot sdeezig by head off I'b codstadtly stuffed up..."

Aya cradled his lover and rubbed his back soothingly "Here take your medecin... I'll get you a bloodbag today alright, you stay in bed"

Orikaiio looked at his lover "But..." Aya hushed him "No buts! You're in no hunting condition! You'd most likely blow your cover before you even get near your prey" the blue haired vampire said and got out of bed and began to dress up.

"Oh fuck you too Aya... hee txh!" He blew his nose again and lied down, then Aya pounced his lover and kissed him "Mmmh... I'll get you some good blood I promise, now be a good bastard and stay indoors today"

The redhead grinned and then sunk his fangs into his lover's neck and filled his mouth with precious blood, then licked the wound clean while watching it close up "Fide you asshole! I'll stay here. See you whe-hee... ngh... snf eeh CHUU! see you whed you get back" They kissed again and then Aya went out.


198 to go!

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OMG more motivation to finish the drabble thread I've already started, so I can start doing this one! Looks really fun, I'm liking these words!

Feel free to use the list ^^

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103 Butterfly

Rate: Original

Characters: Skyiler and Aiyame

Sneezer: Skyiler (induced)


It was sunday morning, the sun was rising casting it’s warm rays over the palace where Skyiler, Aiyame, Arés and Niji lived together.

In Skyiler and Aiyame’s room everything is quiet, only the sound of the singer’s soft snores fills the room.

The window is slightly open and a cool pre spring breeze floats into the room.

A cute lemon butterfly flutters into the room, and settles down on Aiyame's ear making her wake up and look startled.

”Hm? Oh just a butterfly” she said and looked over at her beloved boyfriend ”So sweet” she brushed some blue strands out of his face.

Then the butterfly flutters around and finds a perfect spot to sit and clean itself on, right ontop of Skyiler's nose.

Aiyame looked and thought it was cute.

The singer opened an eye and looked at the thing that was interupting his sleep, then slowly he closed his eye again and parted his lips ”heeeeh...” then he pitched forwards ”HAAH'KSSHHoo!!” the poor butterfly flew across the room and against a wall; luckily it flew out of the window unharmed.

Aiyame couldn't stop herself, she burst into a fit of laughter, she infact laughed so hard she rolled off the bed.

Of course Skyiler has lightning fast reflexed and catches her with his tails and pulls her back up onto the bed and looks at her ”Laughing at me are you Miss Houel?” he rose an eyebrow.

”I'm sorry Sky! It was just so darn cute! I couldn't stop myself. Bless you dear” she said and kissed the side of his muzzle.

He murred and pulled her into his arms and then they went back to sleep.


197 to go!

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86 Dog

Rate: Original

Characters: The Shooting Stars

Sneezer: Akiro (Allergies)

Introducing some new characters:

Akiro Yammai *you already know him* well he's a guitarist in this uprising rockband. He's dating Eien whom is more into acting. Akiro is allergic to; pollen, dust, pets and perfumes.

Shiro Yammai: Akiro's older brother and is the lead singer of the band; he has dyed his hair purple and is going steady with the band's drumist Cody Parker. He is allergic to grass and his immune system is crap.

Trey Sanders; He's the band's basist; he's got black hair ice blue eyes, he's about 5'10. He's starting to date the band's keyboardist Kai. He's severely allergic to dust it gives him ashtma. Feathers is another thing that he's sensetive to. He looks like a bad guy, but he is really a sweetheart and he LOVES I mean really LOVES all kinds of animals, which is why he is a vegan.

Kai Morris; He plays the keyboard in the band. He has a big crush on Trey. He's got white hair, purple eyes and is about 6' tall. He's got a bad immune system and sometimes dust gets to him. He's the group's prankster.

Cody Parker; He's the band's drummer boy, he's got short blond hair with spiked bangs, green eyes and stands about 5'5" He's a shy one. He's dating Shiro. He's allergic to peanuts, ragweed and horses.


The bandmembers of Shooting Stars were lounging around in their studio building, just chatting about nothing.

Akiro was sitting with Eien who decided to join them tonight since he loves to watch his lover play his music - not that he doesn't do it enough at home-

Then Trey comes in and everyone shouts "YOU'RE LATE!" at the same time which makes the basist nearly jump out of his skin "I'm sorry! Something urgent came up! I couldn't stop myself"

Kai looked up from his music magazine "Where was the fire Trey? What was so important that you couldn't be here an hour ago?" that's when they hear a small whine coming from inside Trey's sweater.

Akiro went over to take a look "What have you got in there?" as if the burning itch in his eyes didn't speak for itself.

The basist unzipped his sweater and pulled out a small fluffy looking thing.

"What is that?" Cody asked curiously and edged closer, when he came close enough he was given a small kiss on the cheek "A puppy?" Trey nodded and smiled "Yeah I found him by the subway station in a box... The box wasn't covered and it didn't have any holes... The poor thing wasn't moving when I picked it up!"

Eien blinked he was both amazed at the size of Trey's heart and in horror as he knew that - "heeh'shhh! SHH!!" the redhead flipped around and saw Akiro doubling over, and slowly tipping his head back again, winding up for another round of sneezes "hhh... hh heeshhhhOO! nn'tshh!" Eien rubbed his lover's back and handed him a hanky "Here my poor poor studmuffin..." Then he looked at Trey "I'm sorry... but the puppy can't be here... Akiro is allergic to cute furry things... Makes him all sneezey and sad!"

Trey looked down "What should I do with it... I can't just put it back... out there in the cold all alone..." then Kai came over and pointed to the phone "You can call the animal shelter, they don't put animals down and puppies usually have a good chance of getting a good home. What do you say babe?"

The basist nodded and hugged the pup "I'm sorry fuzzy..." Then he went out and called the shelter whom came and picked the puppy up about 15 minutes later.

Then he returned to his friends to see that "heeh'chuu! iiih'tshuu! tSHHHH! heeeeeh... eeehh.... nh... snf snf... ugh it wedt away..." Akiro was still having a fit "Ub Trey... cad you go add chadge that sweater... You're full of dogfur... I'b so sorry, I love dogs too but by dose dosed't..." Akiro said and laid down on the sofa in the studio and rubbed his temples.

Eien was there in an instant and rubbed his lover's chest soothingly "Bless you a million times! Here is a glass of water and some tissues, you stay here on the couch for a bit and recover from that" Eien said and kissed Akiro's forehead "Thags Adgel..."


196 to go!

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113 Park

Rate: Original

Characters: Orikaiio, Akame, Imai and Yorikou

Sneezer: Orikaiio (Hayfever)


The sun was warm and everyone had gone outside to have their lunch in the school park.

Yorikou was going through some schoolbooks for her exam that she was supposed to have later that day.

Orikaiio was lying in the grass close to her, eyes closed; he is a vampire now, but he was given a special gem, that allowed him to be in the sun without turning into a pile of dust.

This also allowed him to complete school.

Akame and Imai were fooling around with a soccerball, Akame was the star in the soccerteam and needed to get some practice done for the big tournament in the summer.

"You ready Imai?" He said and grinned at his brother who nodded nervously in the made-up goal "Y.yeah..."

Akame runs dribbling the ball with his feet getting geared up to kick it into the *net* He aims and "haaah'TSHUU!!"

falls on his ass in the grass, the ball flops into a random direction.

He looked stunned over and saw Orikaiio pitched forwards in a seated position with his hands over his face.

Yorikou had stopped writing, infact she threw her book halfway across the field as it was so sudden

"Geez brother! You intend to give me a heartattack or something?!" she yelped and looked at her big brother whom wasn't paying any attention at all, he was winding up for another desperate sneeze "heeehh... hh.... hedishuu!! eeh tshhhh! tshh!!! eehh eehhh shuu!!" the redhead jerked forwards with each sneeze and Yorikou moved closer

"Are you alright? did you take your medecin this morning?"

Akame and Imai had given up on the ball and walked over to the others "Your timing is awful Kaii!"

Orikaiio gave his friend a glare "Dnot by fault that the pladts decided they wadted to fuck be sedceless! ugh... aahh add dno I didd't take by bedecid as I'b ou... ohh... ehh'Tshuuu!! I'b out... snf snf" he sniffed wetly and rubbed at his burning eyes, allergic tears were streaming down his cheeks "heeh... do... iihh eehh do bore... issh!! tshh tshh tshh tsh tsh tsh tsh tsh!! thsss tshuuu!!! heeeh TSHUU!!!! TSHUU TSHUU TSHHUUUUuuu!!!" He gasped to fill his lungs with precious oxygen.

"My lord Kaii... here" Imai handed his friend a hanky, which Orikaiio gladly took and blew his nose

"So... who's idea was it to sit id the park? Who's goidg to have their balls showed dowd their throats?!"

the redhead growled and everyone pointed at Yorikou, which just made him groan and swat at her leg "What did I do?" the girl said and blinked her eyes "You said lets sit outside and study today, and we followed you" Akame said.

"But I tried to tell all of you that I didd't thidk it was a good idea sidce by bedecid is out... eeh'TSHH! hee'shhhu!! tshh tshhh tssssshhUUH!" Orikaiio bent over his waist and groaned. Yorikou looked down "I'm sorry... I didn't hear you... I was in other thoughts... Will you forgive me brother?" she rubbed her brother's muscular back

"Odly od ode codisiod... TSHHHuuu!! Take be away frob this bloody park..." Orikaiio said

Everyone agreed to that demand and went back inside, with Orikaiio still sneezing his head off every step.

Imai took the redhead's arm and guided him "There, we're inside now, lie down here" the shorter guy pointed to a couch, and Orikaiio didn't refuce, he flopped down and rubbed his temples "Ugh... why be... eh... ehyyhhh TSHHUUU!! I dod't wadt to sdeeze adybore..."

Yorikou came running and held up a small bag "Here brother! The nurse had some antihistamines! This will make you all better" she smiled and put two pills in her brother's hand.

Orikaiio downed them with some water and then lied back down waiting for it to kick in.

Then after about 10 minutes he was fast asleep.


195 to go!

feedback is always welcome ^^ helps me grow!

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AWAWAETUSYTLUGB:CUIFB DYPIFBY THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! You always do such a good job on these, I'm so jealous!! >///< I'm loving the new characters, I have a bias for bands and relationships in bands so...yeah!!! :D Good job and keep it up girl~ Lots of love!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

(Sorry for the late reply btw, homework sucks X___x lol)

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AWAWAETUSYTLUGB:CUIFB DYPIFBY THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! You always do such a good job on these, I'm so jealous!! >///< I'm loving the new characters, I have a bias for bands and relationships in bands so...yeah!!! biggrin.png Good job and keep it up girl~ Lots of love!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

(Sorry for the late reply btw, homework sucks X___x lol)

Yay you're still with me ^^ thought you disappeared :D

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AWAWAETUSYTLUGB:CUIFB DYPIFBY THESE ARE SO CUTE!!!! You always do such a good job on these, I'm so jealous!! >///< I'm loving the new characters, I have a bias for bands and relationships in bands so...yeah!!! biggrin.png Good job and keep it up girl~ Lots of love!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

(Sorry for the late reply btw, homework sucks X___x lol)

Yay you're still with me ^^ thought you disappeared biggrin.png

*GASP* LOG 0!!! NEVER!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!! I would never XD

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70 False Alarm

Characters: Akiro and Eien

Sneezer: Akiro

Eien was sitting on Akiro's bed with books around him and his notebook infront of him and with Akiro sitting beside him with his own homework.

Eien's homework today was math and Akiro was given the assignment of reading -West Side Story- and make a report about it.

”hh... snf heehh... snf”

Eien looked over to see his beloved rubbing at his nose and sniffling ”Are you alright hon?” he asked concerned and closed his book to turn all his attention to his boyfriend ”I... ihh j...” Akiro sniffed then blinked confused ”Hm... False alarm, thought I had to sneeze but it went away” he said giving his nose a quick rub.

Eien pouted when his lover didn't sneeze, but his disappointment was shortlived when Akiro pitched to the side ”hh'tshuu! Ehh schuu!! snf” the older guy rubbed his nose and sniffed ”Mhh that felt good” he looked over at Eien whom was blushing and handing him a tissue ”Bless you hon” Akiro took the tissue and wiped his nose ”Thank you Sweetstuff” then he leaned over and kissed Eien tenderly.

Then they got back to studying


195 to go!

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93 SWH

Characters: Orikaiio and Aya

Sneezer: Orikaiio -Allergy/induced-

This is bad...

They had been enjoying a nice hunt when they were spotted by a group of vampire hunters.

Quickly they decided to hide in a tree; the leaves were pretty dense so it'd be impossible to spot them.

Aya kept a look out through a parting in the leaves with Orikaiio behind him.

The redhead was to focused on the hunters that he didn't see the tiny branch with colorful flowers brushing up against his nose.

Before he had the time to react he was gasping ”hh... hhh” Aya whipped his head around and saw the desperation in his lover's face.

Quickly he moved the branch away and pinched Orikaiio's nose shut ”Hold it in... If they find us we're history”

But it was already too late to stop it now ”n'txhh! Txh!”

There they are! Shoot” one of the hunters shouted

Fuck lets run for it!” Aya said and the vampire lovers ran for it, bullets flying everywhere.

Aya ran pretty fast, but when he looked back he saw that Orikaiio was falling behind as he was sneezing and coughing and panting all the time.

He rushed back and grabbed Orikaiio's arm and put it over his shoulder to support his lover ”C'mon we need to get out of here!” just then a big shot was heard and the redhead buckled and fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Aya looked down in horror and saw the blood coloring Orikaiio's white shirt crimson "Kaii!!"


194 to go


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OHMAIGOD NOOOO WHAT IS HAPPENING I DON'T EVEN!!!! DON'T DIE BROOOO~ TT o TT (God I love these Umeko, I always get excited when you update~ <33)

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OHMAIGOD NOOOO WHAT IS HAPPENING I DON'T EVEN!!!! DON'T DIE BROOOO~ TT o TT (God I love these Umeko, I always get excited when you update~ <33)

Aww thank you it's always nice to hear someone likes my stories ^^

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53 Wounded

Characters: Orikaiio and Aya

Sneezer: Orikaiio -Allergy-

Plot: This is a continuation from the previous drabble where Orikaiio was shot


It was almost dawn already when Aya managed to seek refuge in the nearest subway, he looked around and saw that it was completely abandoned.

He walked over to one of the benches and laid his beloved Orikaiio down on it and removed his shirt to have a look at his injuries.

There was a nasty gunshot wound in the redhead's chest, Aya had to work fast to remove the wooden bullet.

With a steady hand and claws he managed to remove the bullet, then he watched the wound heal itself, but the redhead wasn't moving.

“Kaii...” Aya felt his heart breaking, then he thought 'Wait, he needs blood!' then he punctured his wrist with a claw and let the blood drip into his lover's mouth; at first there was no reaction, Aya closed his eyes 'I was too slow...' tears began to fill the older vampire's eyes.

Then; he felt someone grabbing his wrist weakly, he looked down and saw Orikaiio putting his lips to Aya's open gash and then the redhead began to drink that precious crimson liquid.

The older vampire felt his heart skip a beat and his face shun up like the moon at night, with his free arm he embraced his lover in a tight hug “Thank heavens...” soon the redhead was done drinking and looked at his boyfriend “Yo...” Orikaiio sniffed softly and smiled.

Aya didn't say a word he just held his lover then he noticed that Orikaiio was tensing up, then he broke the embrace as he snapped forwards “heh-TSHUU!! eehh'shuu!! tshh! Tsh! Tshh!! thshUU!!” the volley snuck up on him.

The older vampire rubbed his lover's back tenderly and handed him a hanky “Here you go... How are you feeling?” Aya asked while pushing some crimson strands out of Orikaiio's face.

I'b feelig allergic ad... ad hh heh'tshUUU!” Orikaiio pitched forwards again burrying his nose in the hanky “Ad I feel like I was hit by a traid...” he sniffed “Cad we go hobe dow?”

Aya nodded and helped the redhead up “Are you wearing your ring?” he pointed to Orikaiio's hand which the rehead held up demostrating the special ring that Aya gave him when he just became a vampire “Got it...” Then they began to walk home hand in hand.

“Kaii...” Aya stopped and took the younger one in his arms and then kissed him passionately “I love you so damn much, don't ever scare me like that again, got it?”

“Mmm ye-heh'tshuu! Yeah, I got it snf I love you too Aya”

Orikaiio said he had never been happier to be alive then what he was now “ehh... hh eehh...” even though his happy moment was annoyingly interupted by his sinuces demanding attention “heh'TSHUU! Ehh'shuu! Txh! Eh'TSHUU! Snf” he sighed and leaned into Aya's embrace

“Take be hobe...” with that request the older vampire picked up his lover and carried him the rest of the way home and then laid him down on the bed and covered him up.

Then Aya got himself ready for bed and climbed in under the covers next to Orikaiio who snuggled closer to his lover “Gooddight Aya... I thigk I'll stay idside toborrow... cad you bridg be a bloodbag?” Orikaiio asked

“Of course, now let's get some sleep. Goodnight” then they fell asleep in each others arms.


195 to go!


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YAY HE DIDN'T DIE!!!! (even though I knew you wouldn't kill off your boy ;P) It's so cute and touching and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ <3

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YAY HE DIDN'T DIE!!!! (even though I knew you wouldn't kill off your boy ;P) It's so cute and touching and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~ <3

I'm happy that you like these drabbles ^^ you're the only one following them I think

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I'm happy that you like these drabbles ^^ you're the only one following them I think

That's cool, I enjoy them ;D

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