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I've always wanted glasses. Every journey to the opticians would end in disappointment because I never needed them and I have no idea why. A few months ago I went to the opticians and turns out I'm short-sighted. I'm only -0.75 in my left eye and -1.00 in my right but I have glasses and I'm really regretting wanting them so badly haha I'm such a creep. teehee.gif I only need them for the board, driving, etc so it's not too bad.

Unfortunately whenever I wear mine, my eyes hurt afterwards. It could be because I'm not used to them but anyone know if this is normal? Plus, if I'm randomly short-sighted at 15 and it's only mild, will it get a lot worse?

For some reason, I think glasses look sexy on people (I'm not trying to include myself by the way, I'm not that vain!). Who here has glasses? Do you like wearing them? Hot or not? At the moment I'm sure you'll all agree that we're going through a "hipster/nerd" phase (especially where I'm from) so I have the big geek glasses, what do you guys have? This topic sounded really cool in my head ok?! I ......ugh.....yeah......stunned.gif

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I remember I actually had to grow up with really thick glasses x.x Now I don't need to, but every so often I do wear reading glasses for the fun of it, so I can see what you mean. Plus all my favorite characters in anime had glasses, so I think it's a common liking ^^ But perhaps your eyes hurt after a while either because you're giving them extra strain, like always looking at screens for too long, or the prescription's a tad too strong for you. My fiance's a doctor, so he'd know all that xD

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For whatever reason, there was a time when I was younger when I wanted glasses. I honestly don't remember why, but I'd actually do stuff that I thought would make my eyesight worse just so I could wear them. I wouldn't do anything obviously harmful, but I do remember there was this one time when I stood downwind from a camp fire so I'd get smoke in my eyes.

Boy was I a little genius...

Nowadays, I'm perfectly happy with not having them. I do love to wear sunglasses (at night, even :P ) but I think having to wear glasses all the time would be a huge hassle that my lazy ass wouldn't want to deal with. That being said, I find glasses on women to be positively sexy. I like a lot of weird little things like that, but glasses are probably the biggest one. I wouldn't call it a fetish by any stretch, but I think they're pretty attractive.

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I most definitely have a "thing" about guys with glasses- I think that it is probably wrapped up in my attraction to intelligent, witty, classy, etc. type of guy.

At one point in time I did wear glasses for reading and playing music. But... once I wasn't reading music for hours, I didn't really have the need for them. It wasn't horrid for me to lose them- not because I thought that I looked- bad, I did like how they looked on me. But... I'm the type that loses/forgets things, so since I didn't always have to wear them- I sort of fell into that bad habit. :blushing::bag:

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I've worn glasses since I was about one year old. Never used contacts. I guess I'm so used to wearing glasses, I feel a bit naked without them.

But yeah, I find glasses attractive, especially on men, and especially the rimless kind.

I don't care if it's a silly stereotype - glasses make people look intellectual, okay? :laugh: Which always causes blips on my sexiness radar.

I guess I also find it kind of... endearing that they need them, you know? An attractive little flaw. <3

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I don't care if it's a silly stereotype - glasses make people look intellectual, okay? Which always causes blips on my sexiness radar.

Yes!!! :wub:

"Smart is the new sexy" ;)

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I've worn reading glasses for the past... 8 years or so by now? Very very light prescription, but since I look at a screen basically all day, I need them. They have a thin frame, one has a green frame all around rectangular glasses, the other pair just have a red frame around the upper ledge, with pentagonal glasses. I rather like how they look. But then, that's why I picked them out. :P

I like glasses, but it can be annoying to remember putting them on / taking them off.

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I've worn glasses since my early 20s. I'm so used to them, I look weird without them (a bit less weird with them), plus I can't see!

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I don't care if it's a silly stereotype - glasses make people look intellectual, okay? Which always causes blips on my sexiness radar.

Yes!!! wub.png

"Smart is the new sexy" wink.png

I agree.

I have astigmatism, which means I see everything in "low resolution" :P but my optician didn't want to give me glasses only for that.

So I guess I should just wait.

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especially the rimless kind.

Quite possibly my favorite style.

I don't care if it's a silly stereotype - glasses make people look intellectual, okay? laughing.gif Which always causes blips on my sexiness radar.

Again, because it's a stereotype, I didn't want to bring this one up, but since the dirty work has been done for me: YES. Smart really is the new sexy.

I guess I also find it kind of... endearing that they need them, you know? An attractive little flaw. <3

This too. Kinda reminds me of another attractive little flaw that many of us like *cough*allergies*cough*. Plus, the whole business of being all squinty without them, having to rummage around for them (or get help from someone <3) is just adorable.

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unfortunately whenever I wear mine, my eyes hurt afterwards. It could be because I'm not used to them but anyone know if this is normal?

what kind of eyes hurting? I got my first pair of glasses when I was three, but every time I get a new prescription I do feel some eye strain. But if your glasses are pinching your nose or behind the ears a bit, sometimes it can feel like "something on my head hurts," so you might want to try getting the frames adjusted.

This too. Kinda reminds me of another attractive little flaw that many of us like *cough*allergies*cough*.

hahahaha Blah-San I actually just burst out laughing!

I hate my glasses, though. They're not bad frames or anything, but I like wearing contacts much better :P

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I shove my glasses up my face the second I wake up, and they don't come off until I go to sleep. I see about a foot in front of me without them. (Astigmatism and nearsighted). But yeah, they're cute on a guy :)

I have had multiple people tell me that I'm prettier with glasses, though I find myself more attractive without them.

My current ones are shiny purple rectangles, and theyre currently a little crooked because I get hit in the face a lot.

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I wear glasses, because I'm getting increasingly nearsighted every year. I personally LOVE wearing them, I think they really suit me. On other people, well. It depends on your face, I guess? On most people, glasses make you about 40% cuter, bot on others, they take their glasses off for a second and you're just like, WOWWW.

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I have them. They're okay. I traded them for contacts for a few years, which I liked more in some ways...but a facebook poll of my female friends indicated that I looked cuter with them, soooo...yeah, apparently glasses are generally regarded as neat!

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I wanted glasses until I got them. Kind of like braces. I'm nearsighted, and my eyesight (last I went to the eye doctor) was 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, so it's not really too bad. Legally, I can drive where I live without any sort of vision correction, but I feel a lot safer with my glasses. If I'm out at a friend's house or something, I wear them, but on weekends when I'm home, I don't even bother because I can still see, it's just fuzzy around the edges.

I don't really mind that I have them, I guess, but I don't like that I have them because my eyesight got worse. That sounds wicked stupid, I know. xD But back when I wanted them, I somehow just eliminated that as a requirement for having them. I do think I look better with glasses, though. The ones I have are thin frames that only go around the top half of the lenses since my face isn't really suited to thicker ones.

I started slowly getting nearsighted when I was 15, too, but I didn't actually end up getting glasses until a couple years later when I failed the eye test at school. :lol: Whether your sight gets worse or not probably just depends on you. My grandmother was nearsighted when she was younger, but as she got older, she didn't really need glasses anymore until she was...well, old, and by then she was farsighted. So I dunno. Mine bothered me a little bit when I first got them, too. For I while I just didn't really wear them at all except when I sat in the back of the classrooms because they hurt my nose and having them on my face was uncomfortable, but I got used to it after I started having to wear them daily.

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Wow so many replies! I thought it'd get like one! Thanks guys :)

Well today they've been a little better but I'm actually self-conscious about wearing them now, how ironic doh.gif . They were sort of straining my eyes and giving me headaches but I think it was just getting used to having them on my face. I'm mainly crapping myself in case my eyes get so bad that I'm practically blind. Funny thing is, before I needed them I would wear the ones with no lenses for cosmetic reasons but now I feel like I'm in a bubble. I'm sure I'll get used to them. I only need them for back of the class really like you did ElementsofGrey. Hhhmm, in terms of glasses with the fetish I'm not really sure because I feel too bad for the person if they're totally weak. It's like the topic in general discussion, strong weakened by fetish or weak, weakened even further? Oh and I read braces? I'm getting those too.....walking pr0n right here ;)..........arrowheadsmiley.png

(Bbbuuttt check out these smexy people with glasses.....






http://www.google.co.uk/imgres?q=megan+fox+glasses&hl=en&tbo=d&rlz=1C1AVSX_enGB449&biw=1366&bih=667&tbm=isch&tbnid=d8UJXGa0xBHdPM:&imgrefurl=http://www.penevi.com/megan-fox-glasses.xhtml&docid=WuHZyxmEpoI9LM&imgurl=http://www.penevi.com/uploadfile/keyword/2011/11/27/20111127195705553.jpg&w=220&h=282&ei=Fme2UKH5G8enhAfR84CoDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=1149&vpy=180&dur=5882&hovh=225&hovw=176&tx=151&ty=106&sig=102730764752787109910&page=1&tbnh=154&tbnw=122&start=0&ndsp=25&ved=1t:429,r:7,s:0,i:117 )

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