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Me and my Boyfriend have been especially sneezy


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Me and my boyfriend (M) have been really sneezy over the past few days. We are both hayfever suffers and allergic to dust. We have recently moved house so he's been moving everything about and the dust has been going everywhere, lets just say, we are both extremely blessed. I have very high pitched girly sneezes an usually sneeze in 2-6's. M sneezes MANLY and ALWAYS in singles, I rarely get doubles out of him... Meanie. :3

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Great obs! Apologies for the absurd lateness of this reply but (I don't know if this seems strange) I thought I would just like to say that I can't help noticing you're from Essex - SO AM I!!

Maybe it's not that much of a coincidence as Essex is a big-ish place, but still !


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