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Dumb/Funny/Klutzy things you've done


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I tend to be clumsy and I lack some common sense so these things happen to me on a semi regular basis.

I once got myself wedged in the revolving door at the NBC store in New York City. My backpack got stuck and halted the door completely so that no one else could get out of the door until I was dislodged.

Share your stories!

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:lol: I've forgotten to take off my seat belt when getting out of the car. Not once, but several times. I'm surprised I haven't sprained anything from doing so, because the acrobatics that follows this is... entertaining. To watch. (I'm sure).

I may or may not have gotten stuck with a shopping cart in the revolving doors at the mall. I'm not sure whether or not to admit to this clumsiness though, since no one I know saw me (if it did indeed happen, that is... :sneaky: )

I have done a lot of other things, mainly when there's a beautiful woman around, but these are the two that springs to mind directly. I'll probably be back soon when I think about other things... :lol:

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Oh man, I've had run-ins (literally) with doors in public places. Except my problem was the automatic sliding type that's supposed to open when you get close enough. There was one time when I was leaving an office close to closing time and little did I know that the security guard had turned off the automatic doors to keep people out. I walked up to the door just as the guard said "hold on sir, the door isn't..." SMACK! I walked right into it just before he finished his sentence. Needless to say that was embarrassing! :lol:

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Oh GOD do I have a doozy xD

I was a dumb kid I have to admit. My mother was a designer and wanted to remodel our home. I was about...6 or 7 at the time. One night, I went to get a drink, and there was a ladder in the middle of the kitchen. Something in my mind said, 'Hey, climb that ladder, there might be milk and cookies :D' or something like that. So, I proceed to do so. On the top step, my foot slips (I used to wear those awesome footy pajamas xD) and I fall, land on my right arm and break it.

Ok, that's not too much of a story, kinda boring, right? Well it doesn't end there. I have to have it in a cast for 6 weeks. Now, also know we have this FAT cat at the time. Like...16 pounds. The week I get the cast removed, I'm walking down the stairs. This cat runs FULL SPRINT up the stairs, I instantly get pushed mid-step and fall. I fall down the stairs ON THAT ARM. It breaks in the exact same place it just mended. I went to the doctor that had removed the cast, and he begins laughing, saying 'You want the same one or a new one?'

I think I was laughing more, crying too, not really in pain, just with how I had just gotten it off and it breaks again. x.x

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:lol: oh the stories I could tell, one that springs to mind is that one time I was at a conference and was wearing MASSIVE fake glasses with coloured lenses, I couldn't see out of them so obviously I tacked walking down the stairs. Huge stone steps going down to a circle like a massive outdoor lecture hall with 200 people watching. Both sore and embarrassing :P

At the same conference I threw up on the bus on the way home... They no longer provide breakfast for those travelling back by bus... I made a bit of a name for myself that weekend :laugh:

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Oh! I almost forgot the one my family will never let me live down.

I used to shower in the upstairs bathroom and before hopping in I'd fill up the sink with water for my cat. However once when I was 17 I turned on the sink faucet at full blast and forgot to turn it off before getting in the shower. About 20 minutes into my shower I heard a big splash and wild thrashing. I flooded the bathroom a couple inches deep, and my cat was swimming for the door.

As if I wasn't already in enough trouble, the next day the ceiling below the bathroom COLLAPSED with the weight of the water-soaked insulation. I was sure my parents were going to kill me.

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Oh, God. What haven't I done?!

Most infamous story of mine is the whiplash. At the Biomed Ball, I... danced a little too enthusiastically to Bohemian Rhapsody (I mean... how can you do that withou. headbanging?!). Next morning it was a little sore, but, whatever. Went to uni... taking nurofen and panadol, which is ibuprofen and acetaminophen respectively for you Americans :P ... Then went to my friend's 18th. Apparently I went into shock from the pain so they walked me to the hospital... and I was given Valium. *slow claps*

What else... I once gave myself a concussion on a microwave door. I was bent underneath it grabbing something from the cupboard, stood up, smacked my head on the microwave door, which slammed shut, and the glass on top of it fell off and shattered...

I seriously bruised my knee once - we're talking, I probably should have been on crutches - by falling on the bus.

On year 9 camp I compressed a couple of vertebra in my... well, C7, so neck. Word of advice - DON'T CARRY A RAFT ON YOUR HEAD.

... And then, two years later, camp run by the same people, I got lost in the bush in the middle of the night. I was found an hour later about 300m from the campsite by the teenagers camping next to us... and all that was running through my head was, well, worse comes to worst, at least I'm armed with a shovel... O.o

... There's probably more. I'm rather accident-prone like that...

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