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Awkward Moments After Announcement


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You are in a group or with another person and you feel a tickle setting in. You are sure (you think) that you are going to sneeze, so you warn the others, saying something like "I'm about to sneeze." You might reach for a hanky or tissue and spread it out in anticipation. But all you can muster are some hitched breaths and a escalating buildup. BUT NO SNEEZE! The tickle continues to torment you. How can you resolve the situation? Or can you resolve it at all?

Similarly, you are in a group or with another person. One says they are about to sneeze and much like the previous scenario, no sneeze is forthcoming. They continue for what seems an eternity with hitched breaths/buildup and a continuous pre-sneeze face, stopping short of a sneeze every time.

Anyone have suggestions on the etiquette for this situation?

When I was with a co-worker who was struggling with this, I felt sorry for her. Eventually she stammered "I . . . I'll . . . s-see you later," as she ducked into the ladies' room. I don't know when she finally sneezed since I'm sure she didn't want me to wait outside for her.

My theory is that announcing a sneeze triggers a sneeze blocking mechanism in some people and that they might actually sneeze if they didn't announce and let it come naturally.

I would like to hear comments and anecdotes from personal experience.

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Man...it's those scenarios that are why I never announce it, cause when I'm in public and feel it coming, I get such a mental block that it'd just be...too awkward for me to handle. xD

I do remember a friend of mine announcing it about three times with nothing before she just shouted, "F*CK YOU, NOSE!" xD It took her about 10 minutes and no announcing to finally sneeze naturally, so that sorta goes along with the mental block theory of announcing.

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Usually I say "oh i hate that" and then suggest looking at a lightsource? Because my history teacher used to say that in those situations all the time, and then it usually winds down to a discussion of neurology and it's all fine.

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I do remember a friend of mine announcing it about three times with nothing before she just shouted, "F*CK YOU, NOSE!"


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I never announce it, better not to draw more attention to myself than either wise would normally happen. If the sneeze gets stuck, I'll just try to coax it out anyway I can until I either sneeze or it goes away.

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That happens to me sometimes. sadsmiley.gif

The urge to sneeze will occasionally go away completely after announcing it, though usually it'll come out if I look into a light for a few seconds.

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