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Do I 'Have The Stuff'?

Graham Cracked

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I'm asking this to anyone who has read, followed and/or commented on my stories here. One of my big dreams is to write a novel and get it published. I love writing as much as I do drawing and almost as much as I love my fiance'. I know I'm not the best, but I never want to stop doing this. So, I'm asking here, and would like complete honesty, no matter how brutal. From the...I guess you can say quality of work I post here, do you guys think I can become a published author? I'd be writing fantasy, sci-fi, horror and romance primarily, with some mystery stories. Please give as much feedback and criticism as you want to. I'll accept all. <3

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I'm sure you already know that I love everything you draw and write (hell, your Klaus picture is *still* the back ground on my phone, and your Phinny pic is *still* my computer desktop~), so you know my answer; Yes! I think you have the stuff! Of course, everyone always has room for improvement, but I think at where you are now, you could easily get a book published! Well, I shouldn't say *easily*, because it's never easy. J.K. Rowling herself went through dozens of publishing companies before one accepted her, and look where she is now! Plus, I'm sure you've seen some of the utter trash that gets published with ease nowadays, so something that you create could definitely make it. I think you could do it, love. :D Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I know that you've got it in you to do that. You know I think you're wonderful, as a person, and as an artist and writer. I think you've got "the stuff", and more. :)

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I'ma keep this short and simple: YES. I'm just going off of the excellent story about the Superjail twins you wrote a while ago, but I'm sure that wasn't just a fluke, and I've actually considered playing TF2 and Portal just so I can read some of the other stories you've written and understand the subject matter. I also can't wait to see Wreck-It Ralph, in part because I hear it's AMAZING but also because I want to read the story you've written without spoiling it for myself. You're one of the most talented writers on this board and you're fairly young, so you've still got so much time to get even better than you already are.

Have you ever shared any other non-fetish-related stories you've written with original characters? I'd love to see some!

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@Galaxy: Heh~ You've always been my back-up for stuff like this, sis ^^ I'm glad to hear you still have my pics! It's always such a good feeling to know your work is supported longer than you'd think. And I, in no way, am as good as J.K., but...the fact you used her as an example on my hopes make me so happy ^-^

@AnonyMouse: Ironically enough, I got Galaxy into TF2 from my story xD Both those are fun games and I highly recommend them. And WIR! That has to be on everyone's must-see list, a very entertaining film. I guarantee you'll be in love with it for sure :D Once again, I thank you for the kind words of support ^^ I do have several short stories and ideas for novels that I've been working on since my high school days, but I've never gotten around to writing them anywhere online. I'll be sure to link it here once I put up some of the ones I like the most ^^

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Ironically enough, I got Galaxy into TF2 from my story xD

It's true! I was there!

But, seriously. At first I was just like "Wat even is this they're all old" but now it's basically my entire life. Thanks to THIS CHICK.

Aha, but really, love, you're marvelous. We wouldn't tell you that if you weren't. :)

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