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Exceptions to your usual sneeze preferences?


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I'm strictly into male sneezing however..

When I was a bit younger I came across a few audio-less clips on a stock site of a red-headed woman from the 90s having an allergy attack in a field. Even today these clips excite as much as or more than some male material.

I don't think my attraction is necessarily with the woman, but (and especially in the 1st one) the combination of the slow motion, perfect uncovered side-view, and the way her body moves with the force of the sneezes. I think if I found a male version of this type I'd die happy. Here's what I'm referring to in case you've never seen them. They're really quite fantastic. :)






I've never been attracted to female sneezing before or since. Does anyone else have exceptions to your normal sneezing preferences?

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Well. I'm usually not turned on by cold sneezes. I enjoy them, in the sense that I find them interesting/adorable/exciting in a 'warm and fuzzy' sort of way, but colds usually don't arouse me the way allergies do.

That said, there is a cold fic over at Serotica that I remember finding extremely sexy. I haven't read it in years, but I think I need to go back and re-read it now just to see if it still...well, works. :laugh: There is also a Youtuber whose cold recordings actually do it for me. So yeah, there are exceptions to my preferences, but they are very rare.

This is an interesting topic. :)

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Typically, I hate loud dramatic sneezes. I like a little bit greater ratio of consonant sounds to vowel sounds.

However, I simply cannot resist one Mr. David Tennant's sneeze. It is the one exception. Though, that may be more due to the fact that it is David Tennant.

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I'm usually into male sneezes a lot more but I have found a few clips and stories about female sneezes that do excite me beyond the normal, "Oh, that was nice." sort of thing.

I wish I has links but sadly...I'm lacking.

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Usually, I'm not into colds since I'm a bit germphobic, but there have been occasion where a fic, or a piece of artwork or even a wav have been pretty hot.

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