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Audiobook narrators?


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I usually prefer to read my books the traditional way, but I suddenly have this CRAVING for being read to (in English), so I thought I'd ask you guys if you could recommend me any good audiobook narrators? I'm not sure what kind of book I want to listen to, so it's more like I'm craving the sound of a good narration voice, really.

A good audiobook voice should (in my opinion):

  • Belong to a male
  • Preferably be on the more low-pitched side
  • Be expressive and engaging (acting out dialogue, doing different voices and accents for different characters etc.)

Any suggestions? :> Book genre doesn't really matter (even if I am slightly partial to fantasy/horror/fantastic realism).

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Hmmmm.... I know that you have heard one my my particular favourite narrators. ;)

I personally think that Robert Sean Leonard does a *brilliant* job. His voice is more "tenor" than say... other people... but- has theatre background- and in his blood. The way that he reads, "Bridge to Terebitha" (which is a *particular* favourite children's novel for me) is just Incredible. There is just that real love of the story that you can feel from him, and it flows over you. He's read quite a few different books- I'd have to look up what he has done.

Yet another similarity that we share, huh? ;) Gorgeous, sonorous male reading voice.... :drool: errr.... :blushing: yeah... anyway... I'll be looking at this thread w/ interest. :)

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Hmmmm.... I know that you have heard one my my particular favourite narrators. ;)

Ahh, yes. <3 The only problem with his readings is that he sets the bar terribly high for other narrators. *not biased at all* :whistle:

I'll give Sean Leonard a listen! :yes: Even if I never finished House, I do really like his voice. And I might just be in the mood for a nice children's fantasy novel, actually... ^^

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Let me know what you think- if you like it, I'll find you a list. *grins* I know that he's done a murder mystery, and Michael Crichton one, another children's lit, and a few others. **Not that I went through a period where I was devouring every piece that he'd ever read** :innocent:;)

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I have every Harry Potter book narrated by the great Stephen Fry. He ticks all the boxes for me, and I find him incredibly soothing. I'm sure he's narrated other things too if you'd like a change. To this day, in my mind Nymphadora Tonks should have a thick northern accent.

I really enjoy Stephen Briggs narrating the Discworld books too- I like that he has done so many of them. It is a pet hate of mine when a long series is made into audiobooks narrated by different people. A few of the Discworlds are available narrated by Tony Robinson, who I like but not as much. It drove me mad to hear him doing different accents for characters than Stephen Briggs does.

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I, too, was going to recommend Stephen Fry's Harry Potter series. They're so darling.

I adore Bill Bryson reading any of his own works. He's hilarious. There's not a lot of character voice acting, but I find his reading very engaging.

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I should probably have mentioned that I've already listened to Stephen Fry reading Rowling. :) He is indeed excellent.

I'll give Brigg's Discworld narration a listen, though. It's been a while since I had me some Pratchett. <3

Thanks for the suggestions, folks!

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Hmmm I actually find that I enjoy radio play type things better than audio books. I often have trouble focusing when reading. Sometimes I'll have read several pages and have no idea what I read because my mind wandered. Unfortunately this is an even bigger problem for me with audio books and with an audio book it's a lot harder to try to go back and find the spot where you were last paying attention.

For some reason the different voice actors for the various characters plus the sound effects that you get with radio plays make it much easier for me to pay attention. I absolutely love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio plays and never get tired of listening to them. I have tried the Dirk Gently radio plays but didn't like them as much. Unfortunately I'm not really aware of any other radio plays out there that I might like.

I actually do have most of the Discworld audio books but couldn't really get into them for the above mentioned reasons. Though I think the first several books aren't narrated by Stephen Briggs. Perhaps I'd enjoy the ones he narrated better, but I just can't see myself skipping ahead to those audiobooks without listening to the first ones in the series. I think there were a few Discworld books that were made into radio plays but I haven't looked into them for the simple reason that the first books weren't done.

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