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Nikki Sanderson, (ex-Cornonation St.), sneezed on Hollyoaks.


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OMG, all my birthday and Christmas wishes came true this evening when the divine Nikki Sanderson faked a couple of Hayfever sneezes on tonight's Hollyoaks! If you are reading this in the UK, it will be repeated tonight (29th November) on Channel 4 +1 starting at 19:30 GMT.

Looking forward to seeing it online! Enjoy....

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Thanks for the heads up, I've just watched this

They were quite good as fakes go, especially the second one


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I have always thought that there was good potential in Hollyoakes due to the high standard of totty lol. However i could never bring myself to watch it so i must say thanks for the shout out. I just caught the +1 show and it was certainly worth it.

I always used to like her in Corrie so it was a big bonus that it was her.

Again....Thank you for the alert,


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