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So this is my first post so take it easy on me haha I've never done this before so here goes nothin :/ So my girlfriend and I recently went and saw our local Christmas light display. It was outside and we walked through it. I felt fine but I guess it was pretty cold cuz we both were a little sick the next couple days. A couple days later she told me she had a little bit of a cold and couldn't stop sneezing the night before. (I was flippin out inside hahaha) She knows about the fetish and is cool with it. And she even told me she had thought of calling me so I could hear! (Did I mention I have the best gf ever? <3) Now for the bad news, I got sick too and that same day my nose started runnin and I was sneezing a lot. And several times I felt like sneezing but it just got stuck like that. Talk about annoying lol Welp, that's it I guess. I'd love it if you guys would comment and let me know what ya think. Thanks for reading and for puttin up with the new guy smile.png

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I haaaate stuck sneezes, haha. I feel so helpless. Gf sounds awesome, definitely something my bf would do if I asked. Yay for people being understanding and awesome.

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