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I frequently have sneezy story ideas that are much too short to do too much with. As such, these are all going to be first-draft material, so don't expect my usual quality, hahaha. I hope you enjoy these any way! I've just written down the one so far, but you can expect a pretty good variety of genders, species, causes, and situations to pop up in here. My imagination's the limit wink.png (Although I suppose if you had a plot bunny you wanted to donate to the thread and you didn't mind the unrevised quality of the finished product, I would consider writing it in here as well.)

This first one has the following attributes: Male, Giant, feathers, and dust.

Without further ado, I give you:

Sneezing up a Storm

In a great green park, in the midst of a concrete jungle that is Galensville, lived a gregarious fellow named Matthew, of the species Homosapien Praegrandis. That is to say, Matthew was a friendly and outgoing giant, who by nature of his size knew many cityfolk, and by nature of his personality was well-liked by most of them. Matthew was a good-looking giant, with a straight nose, dark brown hair, prominent cheekbones, a chiseled jawline, and eyes that reflected the sky. At full height, Matthew stood 67 feet tall, but he could usually be found either sitting or lying down, and conversing with his friends. It was uncommon, in those days, for giants to live anywhere but amongst themselves up in the mountains, where the terrain matched them in size, but every now and again a particularly curious individual would leave home to experience life among humans. Five months had passed since Matthew first joined the community of Galensville, at the time our story begins.

Raleigh was not a particularly large or strong street bird, so when a fight broke out over a scrap of hot-dog bun one morning in May, he left the scene in tatters. Flying was more tiring than usual, because his wings were all messed up and he needed to flap twice as quickly to remain aloft. He stopped to rest at frequent intervals to rest, on whatever was nearest him. Birds don’t have as many categories for things as people do, breaking their surroundings down into a few major groups: Things that move and are bigger than you, food, birds, sky, nest, and things to land on.

Raleigh stood on a long, rectangular thing to land on, where something that moves and is bigger than him sometimes sat and threw food. The thing wasn’t there at the moment. Nest was not too much sky away, and about halfway there he spotted a new thing to land on. Raleigh caught his breath and flew as well as he could to new thing to land on.

New thing to land on was more comfortable. It had a funny sloping surface, with a dent in the middle, perfect for sitting, and it was soft, and warm. Raleigh liked it, and started grooming himself for the final flight to nest, throwing loose or broken feathers from his wings. He scratched at the surface beneath him in hopes of finding food, but alarmingly what he’d thought was new thing to land on began to move. It was a thing that moves and was bigger than him! He flapped away immediately.

The beginning of May in Galensville Park was beautiful at all times of day, but Matthew had never before seen it at this time in the morning. His eyes slowly blinked open, accepting the pale light of the dawn. As he wondered why he was awake that early, he took a deep breath and appreciated the scent of grass, and morning dew. A tiny pain on his lip alerted him of the reason his slumber had been cut short. Matthew was a very light sleeper. A small pain on his face would wake him up for sure.

He would have next wondered what could have hurt him, at his size, at this hour, but was instead distracted by an odd, tickling sensation inside of his nostrils. Matthew sniffled, and the sensation died down some, but there remained an irritating sort of flutter up in his nose. He twitched and scrunched his nose until it became apparent that nothing would relieve him of this feeling, and he suppressed a heavy sigh. He’d learned to not sigh heavily within months of moving to Galensville. It gave people pause.

Dawn turned into day at a brisk pace, and soon Matthew was socializing with park-goers and commuters as usual. A construction crew came to fix one of the sidewalks that bordered the park, and Matthew chatted with them as they set up their equipment. In the mountains, the giants didn’t have any need for sidewalks or street, so he enjoyed learning about their upkeep. He asked the guys if it was alright for him to watch, and they said that of course it was. A worker named Haymitch explained to him that before they could fix the sidewalk, they had to destroy the old one, using a loud tool called a jackhammer. Matthew watched. It was surprisingly messy work, using a jackhammer to break up concrete. A steady cloud of sand and cement powder floated up from the construction site, into the air.

Matthew accidentally inhaled the construction dust, which caused his sinuses to itch. The itch combined with the faint tickle that hadn’t left his nose since early that morning, and Matthew felt that he would soon need to sneeze. He scrunched his nose once, trying to avert disaster, but that only served to catalyze the sneeze. His nostrils began to twitch. Matthew spoke up and warned the city.

“Everyone, aih-” he paused to control his breath, before, “I think I’m goi— hehh… sneeze...”

Sounds of shock and alarm rose from the city around him, as people hurried inside, scrambling to get beneath tables and into cellars.

Matthew’s nostrils twitched helplessly and his breaths grew more and more desperate. Matthew didn’t want to sneeze, but he soon had no choice.

“Hhuh h-h-h-h- hhuh h- haaahH- HHA H-H-H HUUH, HH, HUUAAAAA-- HAAAAEEEEECHAA!!

The gust whistled violently through the trees in the park, but he wasn’t done yet, at just one sneeze. Matthew had no time to breathe before, “HAESSHEEU! HAAECCHA! H-HH-HHUH-HAAAAAAETCHHE! HAH? HAAEEEEEEESSHIAH!!

His sneezes rang out over the city like thunder, and his breath blew like a storm through the streets. Matthew sniffled, and rubbed his runny nose on the back of his hand, relieved. He was further relieved to find no buildings had been damaged badly by his sneezing, some needing only minor roof repair. Even still, Matthew was hugely embarrassed, and spent the next few days apologizing for his nose to everyone he spoke with.

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Oh wow. Um, yeah I absolutely ADORE giant stories. And, Matthew seems like an adorable young chap. So you pretty much blew me away with this. (Hehehehe get it? Blew me away? Cause with Matthew and..the...*crickets*)

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Ooh, hello. Hello nice setting, delicious spellings, interesting-looking character and sweetly quaint writing style! Nice thing, Amy. Really nice. :yes:

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@Grey on a Sunday: Hahaha, thank you! I like your sense of humour X3

@Maru, @Cake: Thank you both very much! I am glad you enjoy. :)

Alright, here is my newest drabble, I think you will find it considerably less catastrophic than that last. It features Female, and Butterflies.

Colour the Sky

It was a quiet and peaceful day. The sort of day that just begs of you to come outside and enjoy being alive. The sun was shining warm and gentle, and the grass and the earth were still cool from recent rains. It was still too early in the summer for insects to be much of a nuisance. On days like these, J’Lileah liked to walk out to the fields near Oakbrook, with her headphones and a little basket full of nibbles, and relax in solitude. The field where she most liked to spend the day was filled with soft, tall grass, and was abounding in pale yet colourful wildflowers. Laying down on her back, she could sink completely into the meadow and hardly be seen.

J’Lileah stared up through the undersides of various flora at the rich blue sky, and watched bright white clouds drifting slowly past. The breeze reached down and blew petals lazily through the air in quick-spinning whirls. J’Lileah smiled, and shook out her hair, slipping the band over her wrist and settling back down in the grass and flowers, and listening to some electric violin. She closed her eyes and was enjoying feeling the pleasant sun on her eyelids, when a small shadow distracted her. She opened her eyes to see that she’d been joined by a rabble of green and white butterflies.

She giggled, startling them into flight, but they quickly settled down again, landing on flower tips and grass stalks, and fluttering past her face to land on her hair. One butterfly landed right on the tippy tip of her small, upturned nose. She crossed her eyes to look at it. It was awfully cute. Its tiny feet did tickle a little, though. J’Lileah gave her nose a quick wiggle, to encourage the butterfly to fly away, but it quickly returned to its perch upon the tip of her nose. She supposed it wasn’t so bad, when the butterfly was still. Careful to keep her nose from twitching involuntarily, J’Lileah settled on admiring the butterfly’s pretty wings as they very slowly opened and closed.

The butterfly readjusted itself on J’Lileah’s nose, turning to face the side, and J’Lileah’s nose did twitch against her will as one of its feet tickled the very edge of her nostril, and the butterfly did fly away, but J’Lileah was mindful to not sneeze. A soft “Hh-ih…” escaped her lips, but she held her breath steady afterwards, waiting for the urge to pass, when the butterfly returned once more, tickling her sensitive nose beyond her control. She gasped deeply, and then, “Hhi-IISSHEW!

A rainbow of butterflies in erupted from the field around her, and she watched in amusement as they coloured the air before disappearing into the sky. She smiled, and then closed her eyes once more. Idly rubbing at her nose with a finger, she decided it might be nice to have a sun nap.

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Aww! That was adorable! I really love how you described the butterfly sitting on her nose, as well as her interaction with it. I could totally picture her going cross-eyed to see it.

Also, J’Lileah's a very interesting name. I wonder where you found it. :P

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Butterflies and sneezes. What a great combo! I love how she tried so hard not to disturb the little creature.. (Like we knew that was going to work) ... And that name... It's definitely unique, but it seems to fit her in so many ways. CuteCuteCUTE! ^ ^

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Thanks, guys! I've been fascinated with butterflies and sneezing for a while now. I think it holds a special silly charm. As for the name, I thought it up myself! I am glad that you both like it. :)

Here's a fluff drabble which features Female, and Cold

Snuggling is the Best Medicine

Ida, age 32, was owner and lead baker for Nan’s Pastries, named for her great grandmother whose recipes were passed down and passed down and passed down through generations. Ida was a devoted wife of 5 years to television salesman Jim Melville. Ida was light honey blonde, aqua eyed, fair-skinned, rosy cheeked, 5 foot 2 inches tall, and curvy in oh so many good ways. Ida was quite a number of things. Today, Ida was sick.


Without so much as sitting up, Ida dabbed at her small, irritated button nose with a half-balled tissue she held loosely in one hand. Not that it did much good, her nose was mostly swollen with congestion and not mucus. She blinked her stinging, teary eyes and shifted closer over to Jim for a cuddle. He wrapped his arm around her back and allowed her to bury her face in his t-shirt-clad chest.

“Is that a little better?” he asked, concerned for her comfort. She nodded.

“Can you breathe?” he asked next. She shook her head and inhaled deeply through her mouth before responding in half a sigh, “No… But I can’t really breathe anyway.”

Jim made a sympathetic, “ohh…” sound that was almost a coo, and gave her a little affectionate squeeze. Ida simply whimpered and sniffled wetly. Jim bent and kissed her head before settling down with his own head on his pillow, with Ida wrapped tightly in his arms.

Another sniffle.

Ida nuzzled her face closer against her husband’s chest, her nose wriggling mildly. “Jim?”

“Hm?” he responded.

Snfffl~snf!! I have… t-… ha-…heh-HWAATH’SH! …Eh-H’ISH! H’ISH!... H'IISH!!

Ida’s body contracted against Jim’s own each time she sneezed, the sound somewhat muffled by his chest.

She pawed at his shirt with some tissue and coughed lightly.

“Sorry…” she told him breathlessly, before a deep sniffle. She continued, “I tried to warn you, but I couldn’t help myself...”

Jim put one hand lightly on her wrist, and took off his shirt. He dropped the garment on the floor beside the bed.

“There. It’s fine,” he said, "you're sick." Jim wrapped himself part-way in a sheet for warmth and also sneeze-protection. Comforted, Ida smiled and lay her head down on her pillow, on top of her wrist. Jim rubbed his hand affectionately up and down her arm. and after a few minutes, she dozed off to sleep.

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New Drabble-thing! This one features Female, Photic

All that Rises

This was the day. This was the day that revenge would be taken on all the Populars who’d ever ruled Brookfield. Well, at least metaphorically. In her place, on her stomach beneath the bleachers, during the biggest pep-rally of the season, Jeanette Spirce worked a compact mirror out of her pocket. Reaching into a spot of sunlight, she took aim at the human-pyramid of cheerleaders. More specifically, at Clara St. Claire, a.k.a. the Abercrombie Demon.

Clara was tall. She had strawberry-blonde hair and perky breasts, and pretty little blue eyes and cute little freckly cheeks, and a heart made of pure gold and arsenic. Her nails were always pink, and her jeans were always tight, and if she didn’t like you, a.k.a. if you weren’t a rich supermodel with the latest iPhone, she did her best to make your life an invisible hell.

“Just a little to the left… up… there! Got it.” Jeanette muttered to herself as a patch of light flashed over Clara’s eyes. She shined it on her once more for good measure, then quickly buried the mirror and retreated.

Clara St. Claire was not the top of the Cheeramid, as that job was for newbies and expendables who could afford to break a wrist every now and then, and not for her. She had a comfortable position on the second row from the bottom, three people in from the right, standing on the backs of two pity-cheersquad members- the ones her friend Greta let in because, “I didn’t know how to say no!”

No matter, they filled a role. Clara was just marveling that the Cheeramid seemed to be going well this year, when a bright light hit her eyes, twice.

Her long lashes fluttered closed as her nose started twitching, “Oh no…” she said.

“What, Clara, no!” exclaimed Susan, the brunette to her left. Clara’s eyes squeezed tightly shut as her chest expanded with each breath.

“I ca… ha… han’t…! Heh-help… ieh… heh… eh! Heh! Hehhh! HEE-IITSHOO!!

Miraculously, the pyramid swayed and did not fall, but Clara’s nose wasn’t done with her yet; she gasped desperately, her perfectly sculpted eyebrows raising as her jaw slacked, “AH… HEH… HEHHH! HETTCHEEWW!!!

Up in the stands Jeanette high-fived her friend Benjamin as the pyramid crumpled around her. Clara St. Claire was no longer at the top of the food-chain.

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That last one was so cute xD I've always wanted to see what a sneeze would do to a cheeramid, and I think you captured it fabulously. It's an adorable scenario, and you wrote it very well.

I hope we'll see some more drabbles from you in the future. :P

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Well of course there will be more drabbles, Blah-san, I didn't create an entire thread just for four stories heh.gif

Here is the next one, a sequel to Sneezing Up a Storm. It also features Male, Giant, and Feathers.

Sneezing Up a Storm Pt. II

Some days had passed since the incident with the jackhammer, and Matthew knew now to keep away from construction and incidentally re-construction sites, so as it happens on the day that our story takes place, he was sitting just beyond the edge of the city in a little forest. It was difficult to find a place to sit without crushing foliage, but he still managed to find a snug little spot. It would do, even if he couldn’t move all too swiftly due to all of the trees. He’d been sitting there for a few hours when a busty woman with jet-black hair surprised him by climbing one of the conifers right in front of his face. He’d never seen her before.

She said hello to him and introduced herself as Vivianne as she pulled a folding-fan made of feathers that was nearly as large as she was from her purse. She fanned herself lightly while they had a little conversation, though about fifteen minutes in, Matthew interrupted it to ask her if she could put her fan away.


“Well, no reason, it’s juhs… just tickling my nose a little is all.” he said.

“Oh ho, is it going to make you sneeze?” she teased playfully, waggling the fan against the inside of his nostril.

“If you don’t stah… hah…” said Matthew, his mighty nose giving a twitch.

“What if I want you to?” Vivianne replied, continuing to stroke the fan lightly against the sensitive membrane .

“Hhhh’s – Really-hh –Not a good –Ideah-HAH… HAH…” Matthew protested, slender nostrils flaring, taking in gusts of air as well as ripping some fronds from Vivianne’s fan. She took a seat against the trunk of her tree and tied herself to it. Long feathers disappeared into the depths of Matthew’s sinuses, and fluttered and tickled as he tried to control himself, driving his nose mad. It was too much for him.

“AAH… HAAH… HAAH! Hh! Hh! Hhhh!!! HEEEEEEEEAHTSSSSCHAH!!” the sneeze roared forth from him, stripping pine needles from trees. As he recovered, his breath caught in his throat. “Oh… Heh! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAETCHHU!! Hh! HAAAESSHOO!! HAAAAASCHHS! He-he-he-HAAAAAAATSCHE! … … … AAAAESCHHE!”

Matthew blinked his watering eyes and rubbed his nose against his sleeve. Vivianne sat giggling in her place on the tree near him. “See? That wasn’t so bad, was it?”

“You’re crazy.” he said.

“Felt good, didn’t it?”

“Why are you here?”

“Tell me I’m wrong.”

“The trees are bare.”

“They’ll grow their needles back. Tell me I’m wrong.”

Matthew stared at her, not knowing what to say. She wasn’t wrong. He sniffled and rubbed a knuckle against his nose.

“Thought so.” she said, knowingly.

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