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An Agreeable Disposition

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I set out to write a drabble about a sexy waitress with voluminous red hair, and it revealed itself to be much more than that. Please enjoy part one a. of

An Agreeable Disposition

One Night at Holt's part one

“Well you know what they say about Mr. Falcori, don’t you?” In hushed tones, in the store room behind the bar at Holt’s, Georgiella was hearing why the arrival of a business man in a tailor-fitted suit was causing such a buzz among her peers. Jeanette, Georgiella’s short blonde friend from Manhattan, was always on top of the gossip in town.

Georgiella had better things to do, like flaunt her figure in front of wealthy-looking male patrons for tip money. And a figure she had, at that. She was 5’5” without heels on, and in terrific shape from her kick-boxing classes. She had an ample, yet not comically oversized bosom, and narrow hips. Georgiella had a pleasant face, as well: sharp features, and intense brown eyes constantly winged with black liner and accentuated with aqua eye shadow, plus a small beauty mark just under the apple of her right cheek. Suffice it to say that she was hot, and she knew she was, and she used it to her advantage. She was saving up to buy a car. A fast car.

However, even as much as Georgiella was unconcerned with social natterings, she had indeed heard of Mr. Falcori. In a small mirror she adjusted the black velvet ribbon that was serving her as a headband, restraining a wild mess of rich ginger curls. “I’ve heard he’s in an advantageous position in our city.”

Jeanette stared at her, and she gesticulated with her hands as she whispered urgently at her friend, “He’s been the organizing force behind every major crime operation in this city for the last twenty years! He has half of the police department on his pay-roll! He’s dangerous!”

“I want to meet him.” Georgiella said.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Jeanette hissed, as Georgiella flounced out into the rest of the establishment. She stood behind the bar and looked around. Jeanette followed not long after. “Which one is he?” Georgiella asked, scanning the room. Jeanette poured herself a drink while she spoke, eyebrows raised in incredulity, “Two o’clock, wearing the charcoal-grey and the light-brown diamond pattern tie.”

“You’re sure it’s him?”

“Yeah, I recognize him from the paper. He just donated a small fortune to St. Mercy’s.” Jeanette paused to drink. “Why do you-”

“Thanks,” Georgiella said, grabbing an order-pad and leaving the bar.

Falcori was a handsome man from every angle, and his entire countenance exuded dominance. While most people were intimidated by that level of power, Georgiella found it gravitational. She put an extra sway into her hips as she walked, black knee-high boots of suede clicking rhythmically against the floor of the dining area.

Upon arriving at Falcori’s table, she presented him with her wiliest grin, and positioning herself opposite him, bent to rest her palms just off the edge of the table, exposing some of her finest assets. At this proximity, she could tell he wore a strong cologne that smelled of spicy cinnamon and dry pine.

“I’ll be your attendant today,” she purred, keeping a straight face though the scent irritated her sinuses. “How about I start you off with something refreshi-”

Georgiella straightened, and motioned “one minute” with her finger, looking up and away as her breath hitched once, then twice. There was half a beat of silence and then, “Haa-ETCHU!

Falcori blessed her customarily, and Georgiella apologized, sniffling discreetly. She regained her composure easily, cheeky grin returning to her face through Falcori’s ordering a bottle of dry white wine. “That will be all, for now.” he said, his voice a decadent tenor, and his tone casually assertive. Georgiella nodded to him wordlessly, then turned and walked back towards the bar.

About halfway there, she pinched her nose to stifle another sneeze, and when she got to the bar, she slapped the order down onto it and kept going straight to the store room. Jeanette saw her friend rushing into the back, hastily finished pouring a drink for a customer, and hurried after her. She entered the room to find Georgiella mid-sneeze, and quickly closed the door behind herself.

“-TCCHHYOO! Ha… haa… HAAEE-TISH! HAYESHOO! HAEh-” Georgiella was doubled over, hands resting on her upper thighs for support.

“What happened out there?” Jeanette asked, concerned. Georgiella shook her head as she reared back, nostrils flaring desperately. “Hehh- HAHHIIY-AATCHEWW!!!!!!!!!” she sneezed, collapsing into herself again. “It’s his cologne,” she gasped, “I can’t take it- HI’ETSCH!”

Georgiella sat down on a closed box and sniffled loudly, fanning her face with her hands in attempt to get some air into her breathless lungs. Her hair had become disheveled, and her eye make-up was a runny mess.

“You okay?” Jeanette asked, cautiously. Georgiella nodded and swallowed, pushing some of her hair over one shoulder. “Yeah, I think I’m done,” she said, wiping at her eyes.

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Ooh, I like where this is going. When you talked about it in chat, I must admit I only imagined a sexy waitress having a sneezy day at work, but this is so much more. There's a whole world going on here, and I can't wait to read more about it.

Great job so far!

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Thank you everyone. Here is part one b.

An Agreeable Disposition

One Night at Holt's part two

“You okay?” Jeanette asked, cautiously. Georgiella nodded and swallowed, pushing some of her hair over one shoulder. “Yeah, I think I’m done,” she said, wiping at her eyes, “Hh! Uh oh-”

Her eyebrows raised in anticipation and she gasped fiercely. “ATCH! H-ATCH! ATCHEW!! …. Heh’HEH -AASCHA! HA-HAAHYYA-TSCHOW!” She sniffled miserably and clamped her nose between her thumb and index finger. Jeanette rustled through her purse and found a paper napkin.

“Here, clean yourself up.” she said, offering it to her. Georgiella nodded and accepted the napkin gratefully. After wiping the tears from her face and blowing her nose for a little while, she felt much better.

“I think I’m just gonna stay here and catch my breath,” she said, “Could you do me a huge favor?”

Jeanette smiled knowingly, “I’ll go get you a glass of water.” Georgiella sniffed and gave her friend a warm look, “Thanks.”

Jeanette returned with some water a few minutes later, having been help up at the bar, as Georgiella was just finishing fixing up her hair. She’d gone light on the make-up, probably because her eyes were still a bit irritated. She smiled to Jeanette when she walked in the door.

“Thanks,” she said, accepting her drink. She finished about half the glass, and took a deep breath. “How do I look?”

“Not so bad…” Jeanette replied, “Just sporting a sort of… casual look, now. Hey, it’s okay, you’re still gorgeous. I bet you’ll earn enough tip for that car tonight alone.”

“Jeanette, thanks. You always know what to say.” Georgiella said, giving her friend a quick hug. She gave a little huff. “I guess I’ll just go wait some other tables, tonight.”

Just then, a brunette waitress with soft curves and long legs blew into the store room.

“Chantrese?” Georgiella asked, startled. She and Jeanette usually were the only ones to use the store room.

“You have to get back out there and get Mr. Falcori’s table. I don’t think we should keep him waiting.” she said. Georgiella shook her head, “Have someone else take him, I can’t go back out there.”

“He’s asking for YOU.” Chantrese insisted. Georgiella tried to protest, “But I’m-”

“But nothing, when Mr. Falcori asks for the waitress from earlier, he gets the waitress from earlier.”

Georgiella looked to her friend for help. Jeanette looked concerned, but couldn’t dispute that argument. “I’ll split my tips with you later. I think I’ve got some more napkins in my purse.”

“Thanks. You don’t have to do that.” Georgiella said wearily. Even if she couldn’t help, at least Jeanette was being supportive. Chantrese shoved an order-pad and pen against Georgiella’s chest and then pushed her from the store room.

Georgiella tumbled out the door and caught herself on the opposite wall. Taking a deep breath and straightening her frilly white blouse, she steeled herself to return to Falcori’s table and take his order as smoothly as possible. As she walked toward the dining area, she tried to push all thoughts of doubt from her mind and she told herself she could do it, despite that even thinking of his cologne’s scent brought an echo of a tingle to her nose. She arrived at the table with a smile, all the same. Standing a few inches farther from him than the last time, she relaxed into her usual stance with one leg extended and the other slightly bent, most of her weight resting to one side, and her hip popped just enough to rest her hand upon if she felt like it.

“Apologies for the wait, I was indisposed for a moment,” she said graciously, “Did you see anything you liked on our menu?”

“Yes.” Falcori responded in a gentle tone. Georgiella waited, pen poised at the ready. After a silent moment, she looked up, and gave Mr. Falcori a curious look.

“How would you respond if I asked you to sit and dine with me?” he asked. The question took Georgiella aback. She wanted badly to jump on the proposition, on any chance to fraternize with someone in such a significant position in the hierarchy of society, but she knew her nose would not hold out once she put herself within range of his cologne’s scent.

“Why, Mr. Falcori, you don’t even know my name.” She teased, trying to buy herself time to decide what to do. Would it do to try to seduce him, if she could barely herself breathe?

“What is your name?” he responded in kind, his voice deepening into a flirtatious rumble. Georgiella made up her mind, then. What was the worst that could happen?

“I suppose you’ll have to find out, over dinner.” she said, smirking at him.

“Have a seat.” Falcori said. He waved one of her co-workers, Patrice, over to the table as Georgiella slid into his L-shaped booth. He gestured towards Georgiella and said, “Her shift is up, now. I’ll be having the roast lamb, and she will be having?”

Georgiella looked at Patrice with a mixture of guilt and excitement, but said, “I’m fine, I’ll just have a water, thanks.”

Patrice scribbled the orders into her booklet with scandal written all over her face, and then hurried off to the kitchen.

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Aha - this seems to be moving in a rather wonderful direction... ;) Love the way Georgiella needs to ctach her breath after her sneezes -more soon I hope :)

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More please - love it - do many fictions it could

Go . Is he a fetishist? Will he be a caretaker , seducer, or both? Can't wait to find out

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I have to agree, this is great stuff, and I can't wait to see where it goes. The plot actually reminds me of a play I saw once. Weird.

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