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Julia Roberts question

James (ellamalaka)

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Doesn't Julia Roberts sneeze in 'I Love Trouble?' From what I remember she pretends to be tour guide at a manufacturing plant and somehow the sneeze has something to do with what they make there. It is all grey and murky in my memory and I couldn't find any descriptions online or here in the forum. Anybody remember this scene?

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Yeah she does. Like you say, there is a tour at the company that she and Nick Nolte is competing in infiltrating, and they make cold medicine. So in the first scene the original tour-guide lady ties in a cheesy sneeze-joke with the information of the cold-medicine during the tour, and later when Nick Nolte's character goes back he finds that Roberts has already infiltrated by having the job of said tour-guide and then she does the same sneeze-joke.

So yeah, two faked sneezes, one from Roberts and one from some little known actor.

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She also sneezes in 'Erin Brockovich' in a scene where her character has a bad cold; soon afterwards she leaves and office and goes home sick, only to be bothered by screaming clients on the phone . . .

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I think she sneezes (great fake) earlier in the Erin Brochovich movie as well. She is in the plant and has to cover up her snooping around when she is unexpectedly confronted. She pretend some capusles in a desk drawer are allergy meds (which she demonstrates she desperately needs that moment bydoing a huge sneeze partially on the company hack guy).

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