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Allergy remedy TV ads


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I look forward to late winter/early spring when TV ads for allergy remedies appear.

I like the one where the audience is watching a play. A mature lady suddenly sneezes. A woman in front of her turns to stare back at the sneezer with a glare as if to say "How dare you sneeze NOW!" The sneezer slinks back slightly in her seat with a look of embarrassment.

The voiceover continues to extol the benefits of the product (might be Zyrtec but not sure). Suddenly comes another sneeze from the sneezer and another glaring look from the same woman. Sneezer again slinks back in embarrassment.

If the situation were real, I would feel sorry for the sneezer. To the glaring woman I'd say "Look, Lady, GET A LIFE! Sneezes happen!!" I would love to be the one sitting in front of the sneezing woman. She has such a cute, girly sneeze--not the kind you would expect from a middle aged woman.

Another variation of the ad is when the same sneezer sneezes again. This time a child actor looks back at the sneezing woman because her sneeze distracts him from his lines.

I would enjoy seeing an audition for such an ad. I wonder if people trying out can actually make themselves sneeze for the audition or do they do they rely on dubbed in sneezes?

I would love to hear from anyone with knowledge or experience in casting for an ad where a sneezer is needed.

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