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Hey, all~ I just wanted to find some fellow shippers out there, and possibly some RP partners, too...

Okay, so:

Parksborn (Harry Osborn/Peter Parker)

Spideydevil (Matt Murdock/Peter Parker)

Spiderflash (Flash Thompson/Peter Parker)

Spideypool (Wade Wilson/Peter Parker)

Spideytorch (Johnny Storm/Peter Parker)

Marvel Red Team (Matt Murdock/Wade Wilson/Peter Parker OT3)

I... Think that's it. Well, not really, but that's the list that I can write one of the characters with, and want an RP for...

Can you tell I love Petey yet?

Message me and we can set up an RP, if you're interested. Just let me know~

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Gah! I'm not as familiar with these ships as I am with 'Avengers' ships - and I've certainly become more aware of those since the last time I RPed with you, when I knew next to nothing about the Marvel Universe xD Really sorry if this is irrelevant, but if you ever want to RP with me again sometime, let me know!

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