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This is my first sneeze story, so criticism is always welcome! Hope you enjoy!

Part One

"Would you like to stay over?" Lila asked, nuzzling closer toward her boyfriend.

"Sure, sweetheart," Nick replied. Lila put her head on his shoulder. The snow fell lightly outside, and watching them only made Christmas feel jollier.

"Can you believe it? Christmas is in only a week! I got you something special, sweetheart," Lila smiled. Nick stroked her hair gently.

"Lets go outside, and take a walk in the snow just like old times," Nick said. Lila got up and threw off the blankets covering them. She grabbed a light jacket and Nick put on a coat and they ran outside. "Won't you be cold without a coat?" Nick asked.

"Don't worry, I'm fine," Lila replied. They took a small walk, until Lila decided to throw a snowball at Nick.

"Oh, so that's how you want to play, alright," Nick said, jumping on Lila and pushing her into the snow. She felt a chill go through her body. She tried to get her freezing body out of the snow, but Nick held her down, burying her with snow. Now she was frozen.

She got up. "I think I'b going to go inside dow, I dod't feel s-so g-go-good. Hatashew! Itasshoo! *Sniff* TASHOO! Sniff, Sniff SNIFF*" She got up and trudged inside, sniffing. Nick ran after her.

Should I continue?

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Lila stumbled into the house. She wasn't feeling spectacular in the first place, and had sniffles before she was pushed into the snow, but that was just one thing that set the germs in her body off.

"Lila, whats wrong?" her boyfriend sat next to her, wrapping his muscular arm around her thin neck. The snow on her light jacket was starting to melt onto the couch. She sniffed and shrugged.

"I'b just dot in the bood to go *SNIFF* outside today," she said.

"But its how we met, Lila, it was special to us, remember? We met on the first snow of the year, two weeks before Christmas, right after you got your house last year. Every time it snowed we would go outside and remember our first day together. Its especially important because out anniversary is next week," he said sadly. Lila had just remembered their anniversary, which was funny because boys usually forget and their anniversary's and girls remember.

"I just *sniff* dot really feeling so *SNIFF* great, add I dod't want to *sniff* be sick on Christbas, so I'b just goig to *SNIFF, SNIFF* stay ibside, okay?" she could not stop the mucus from dribbling out of her nose. She wiped it with her light jacket, but the snow was still on it and got in her nose. The cold snow and the warm snot mixed together, making her nose itchy and runny because of the melted snow inside.

"Atachoo! Ihayashew! Yatachew, *sniff**SNIFF*sniff**SNIFF*" Lila wiped her nose again.

"Are you feeling okay?" Nick asked, his right eyebrow slightly rising.

"Do, I'b fide," she said turning away. Nick was never fond of people lying, even white lies, and especially not Lila. he walked opened the door of Lila's house and casually walked away. Getting in and starting his car.

"What are you doig?" Lila asked.

"If your not going to tell the truth, how can I be around you?" he got in his car and drove away, leaving Lila, her drippy, sneezy nose, and her eyes, tears forming as she started to cry. Her cry turned into a sob.

"How could he leave me?"

Should I continue? Hmm?

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“What did I just dooo?” Nick said to himself as he pulled up into his friend’s driveway. He had a car but he lived in an apartment, so he parked it at his friend’s house and walked for half an hour to get to his apartment.

“I just, left, because she tried to cover up that she had a cold! How stupid can someone get?” he yelled at himself. As he was walking he got a few stares, but he didn’t care.

Nick ran up to the steps to his apartment. He was B206 on the third floor. He took his key out opened the door, and immediately passed the kitchen and the living room until he got to his bedroom, throwing himself on the bed and cursing in anger.

“She might ever forgive me,” he said to himself “We might be done, forever.” A tear trickled down his cheek.

“He left be!” Lila sobbed, sitting on the couch surrounded by a pool of snot covered tissues. She felt horrible and sick, and the fact that she could not stop crying did not make her nose less runny and eyes less itchy and red.

She had the next two days of work, and then she had a Christmas break. She decided to call in sick.

“Yeah, I’b sorry, I’b sick, I’b goig to take the day NXXt, nxtt, Nxxt, off,” she said, sniffing. The boss agreed to give her the day off considering how she sounded on the phone.

She collapsed on the couch again, reaching for a tissue and blowing her nose for the billionth time.

“Aw, crud, I’b out of tissues. She hopped in the car and drove her runny nose to the store.

Nick decided he would apologize to her girlfriend. He went to the drug store and bought tissues, cold medicine, and cough drops, and drove to Lila’s house. He knocked on the door. Nobody answered. He looked through the window to see the house empty.

Nick started to worry about her, because he knew that in her state, she wouldn’t have gone out for a little trip. He took a stick and started to write in the snow.


He wrote in big capital letters. He got into the car and started the engine. He drove away, the sadness had not yet left his mind and face.

Just so you know, Lila was at the store getting tissues, that why she wasn’t in her house. I’m just saying because my friend read this and didn’t understand. Anyway, should I continue?

Oh, and for those of you who are eager, you’ll find out why Nick got so mad in my next one, if you want me to continue.

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Lila strolled down the aisle, picking up two boxes of tissues and heading to the cash register.

“That will be $3.99, please,” the lady at the cash register with way too much eyeliner said. Lila rummaged through her purse to find the money.

“I’b sorry, I’ll be just a bidute,” she said, sniffing. “Oh, here it is, hashew!” She handed the money to the lady, who looked at her sympathetically. She left the store and started toward her car, sneezing every now and then. She had parked down the street, and really was not in the mood to walk. Lila tried to ignore the looks from people outside whenever she sneezed.

She started her car when finally getting to it, and started to drive home. She drove slowly, because tears were starting to form in her eyes, making it almost impossible to see.

They weren’t tearing because of her sneezes, though. She missed Nick, and wanted him to be next to her on the couch, feeding her soup, blowing her nose, tucking her into bed and just care about her.

She parked in the snow fill driveway. She got out of the car to see an apology note in the snow for her. She started to sob. She ran through the front door and up the balcony, to watch the day turn into night. Maybe her sorrow would vanish with the sun.

Her phone was vibrating in her purse. She picked it up, and after seeing who was calling, she wasn’t sure if she wanted to answer. But she did.

“Lila, Lila I’m sorry,” Nick said. “Please forgive me, please. I just, I can’t stand lies, and I know I made a stupid move. It’s just, let me explain. When I was a kid, my parents said that we would always be a happy family, and that my parents would always be there for me. They divorced when I was 11, and my mom became so depressed that she never let go after eight years. She got so depressed that she hung herself. That was the week before I met you. My dad didn’t want me, so I was holding my own weight. You gave me joy. The week after my mom committed suicide, I met you, and my world wasn’t over yet. There’s one thing I want you to know, Lila,” a voice was heard behind Lila.

Nick had gone into her house and was now right behind her. “I love you, Lila, and there is one promise I will make, and I will not lie. I will always be here for you. Will you marry me” Nick kneeled down and held out a diamond ring.

“Yes, I will,” Lila replied. Then, before they knew it, they were hugging each other. “I love you too,” Lila said

I don't like how it turned out. Should I continue, or leave this the end?

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Continue please! Maybe make lila start having a huge sneezing fit over the phone, and then nick realizes she's still sick and then he cares for her :)

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