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Cute fit from my friend (M)


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I was hanging out in my friend's dorm room this morning before our first classes started. He had a two-page paper that he'd procrastinated working on...and of course it was due in less than two hours. I, the more scholastically focused one of our friend group, was merely napping in his bed while he finished.

I don't know how this kid manages it, but somehow he can hold a fairly detailed conversation while popping out a last-minute essay. I don't remember what exactly it was about...he was busy explaining some obscure directing technique...linear something or other...when he suddenly stopped, breath hitching up.

Of course, hearing that, my ears immediately perked up. He paused for a moment, scrubbing furiously at his reddening nose. "Ugh...I have to sneeze".

I think I actually started to salivate by that point.

His breath hitched again before letting out in a deliciously squelchy, partially stifled sneeze, "Heh-nxxshh!". I blessed him as he winded up for another, slightly larger, "Heh-NXXshhh!" The end was delightfully wet, and I bless him again...slightly more enthusiastically. He thanked me, moaned softly (yum...), and began to wind up for yet another powerful expulsion. However, his breath quickly failed, and he resorted to quick little sniffles and several false starts.

I was absolutely drooling, desperately hoping that he would sneeze again. I was not disappointed, as he panted unproductively and near whimpered, "Uhhmm...my nose is so itchy...I really need to sneeze...Heh-heh-HeHNXSHH!"

"God bless you!" I nearly sang out, as he replied with a final, "Ha-nxshh!"

We giggled, savoring the simple pleasure of the break to a rather dull moment...but sadly, that was it.

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How fun! A dorm room is such a great setting. I love small areas. Seriously NONE of my guy friends ever sneeze. You are lucky. Thanks for sharing! I love the spellings.

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