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"Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." This quote got me thinking. What if I had a month to live? How would I spend it? How would YOU spend it? I'll go first. :)

1) Lose my virginity. (Don't ask :\)

2) Rent a sports car.

3) Try to spend time with the people that mean the most to me.

4) Stop doing activities that yield benefit in the long term only.

5) Spend all my money.

6) Tell the girl I love that I love her. (This doesn't apply to me now though as there is no one)

7) Become brutally honest, as reputation is no longer an issue.


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1) Eat whatever I wanted, when I wanted

2) Travel someplace I've never been, but always wanted to see~

3) Lend my voice to an animated character, somehow >w> xDD

4) Spend as much time as I could with my precious family

5) Do something selfless and charitable with my money.

6) Meet someone I've always wanted to meet, but never could.

7) See the sunrise over the ocean~

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I'd probably try to fit as many things as possible into that time span, but here goes a few of them (in no particular order):

1) Travel as many places as I possibly could that I want to go

2) Tell people things I really feel instead of just trying to make them happy

3) Say meaningful things to as many people as possible

4) Make a difference to a stranger

5) Be honest with myself

6) Write as much as I could - even if I never saw it published, I'd still want to write for myself, and let people who wanted to read it, read it

7) Make art. Lots and lots of various types of art

8) Do things that are important to me right now instead of uncertain things that may or may not have significant value later in life

9) Forgive and thank others, and myself, do some selfless things, not worry about severing ties to people and things that have done more harm to me than good, and pay more attention to the beauty and good in the world despite initial perceived negativity

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Ohh, fun topic! :yes:

-I would finally organize that goddamn showing

-I would lose my virginity

-I would climb on a roof of a random sports car and have the craziest ride of my life

-I would confess that I am pansexual to my family

-I would run out in a pouring rain wearing nothing but my underwear and then dance because it feels so great and sing "Dancing in The Street"

-I would get a tattoo

So, yeah. :lol:

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