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New Roleplay over on the other site; looking for other players


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I'm not sure where to put this, but Blah-san suggested over in this section. I've started a new roleplay over at http://sfroleplay.myfastforum.org/index.php, and I'd love to get more players involved.

The plot revolves around a British manor house where the Lady of the house (played by Blah-san) has a sneeze fetish and hired people specifically for their allergies. I'm currently playing a maid allergic to dust and feathers, for example, and there are tons of other possible combinations. We're sticking with allergies right now, but we may eventually throw a cold into the mix.

So if you're interested, please head on over. This promises to be a lot of fun!

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Nah. That's just to give us an idea of your character, primarily what they're allergic to, what their position in the house is going to be, and what they think about sneezing in general.

The point may be moot anyway; I suddenly can't access the site. Are you having this problem too?

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Not that into allergies, but since you're looking for people, I'm more than happy to roleplay for the sake of roleplaying! And I may as well get a character in there now, while there's still the promise of a cold :P

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Thanks for joining! We need to meet Emily's character first, and then someone will be over your way to play.

And the eventual plan is to establish all the characters and then give someone a cold (It seems more organic to have it be the Lady of the house, but we'll see where we go.)

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