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Dungeons and Dragons cartoon male and female


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I always have loved this show and it's one of my earliest memories for sneezing- and the awakening of my fetish as it where, i always remember the sneezing and love having the dvds to watch over and over, i found some online and thought i would share from both male and female :)

1 female at 4.30 and another at 4.34 from the female unicorn

these ones are all male and from the same character

1 at 1.11

1 at 4.50 ( although build up starts at 4.47)

1 at 4.51 ( although build up starts around 4.48)

There is another male one- however that is below age limit, so obviously will not post- if i have missed anymore then please do point them out, though i will be pretty surprised ( and ashamed ) if i have.

Hope you enjoy :)

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I'm really glad you guys liked them :) i suddenly thought when posting- whoops didn't check to see if they where already posted lol, sorry they weren't very even being only one female, i'm not sure of there where any other sneezes in the series, will have to watch the dvds again soon and check- it does seem that that one particular character hogged the series sneezes :P

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