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Remembering some observations from a while back (M)


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So guys. Im bored and I feel like doing sneeze obs. Since I'm bored and I feel like writing about sneezing. I figured I'd share some obs from a couple years back

This first obs are about my brother. I've posted on my brother before. He has allergies which are almost exclusively in the late summer and early fall from August-October. When they are at their peek he becomes quite sneezy. I remember a couple of years ago we had an outdoor family function at the park around labor day and his allergies had were all the way on 10 (in other words they were really bothering him). He had sent me a text from his house saying that he didn't know if he was going to make it because he could not stop sneezing. After reading the text I didn't expect him to come but after an hour or so he actually showed up. As he ate with us in the pavilion, he seemed alright at first so I assumed that the attack had subsided. I didn't hear him sniffling and his eyes weren't all that red or anything...that is until we left the pavilion and went outside to mingle. It was a beautiful day and the ragweed was in the air and my poor bro began to cave under it's influence. I saw the look coming into his eyes as he was talking to one of our cousins he said " Oh man Im about to start sneezing" and he gave a little chuckle. Within a couple of minutes I saw him slightly open his mouth and his eyes became narrow...the moment had arrived and he could no longer resist. His nostrils began to dialate and as he reared up with a large inhalation he let out a strong half stifle: HEEEHHT-Nnnkt-Chooooooo. Instantly his eyes began to water as the allergies that he thought had subsided began to reclaim him. He sniffled a little and reared up again with those dialated nostrils which had begun to run: HEEEEHT-Nnnnkt-Choooo....HEEEEHT-Choooo. It hit him like a ton of bricks. He let out another sneeze and rushed back into the pavilion to blow his nose. when he came back out he mingled some more for a while and let another HEEEEHT-NNNKT-Chooo. By this time I could see that he was getting a little tired of it. My cousin said to him jokingly "you're supposed to take your pills before you come to the park" He left soon after and Im sure he went to get some medicine.

The next obs are about a guy from my highschool. There seemed to be a good amount of sneezy guys at my high school and this guy was one of the ones that I remember most. He's african- american and very in shape but kinda short. His nose is a cross between round and pointy with well shaped nostrils. This guy had spring allergies and I got to witness them first hand in our spanish class. One day he was sniffling and sniffling and sniffling and he got called up to the board to write but he was sniffling the entire time. I was honestly afraid that his nose was going to drip onto the floor. Later on in the class I heard something that sounded like a stiffled sneeze behind me NNNNKKT-chuh. I looked back and I caught him stifling away. Later on that day I saw him walking the halls with a tissue in his hand and as he walked past me he let out a hissed sneeze HEEHT-SSSSSKT. He took the tissue and wiped the rim of his nostril with it.

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Awwww that is so cute that you posted about your brother's allergies wubsmiley.gif I think I'm gonna start stalking all of your posts iheartsneezn they're just too awesome!

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Your brother sounds like fun to be around. Not sure if it was awkward for you to have to witness them but thanks for sharing those great obs! I definitely enjoyed reading them. :)

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