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I'm not a doctor by any means, but I would say it's just your body's reaction. It's actively fighting something, so maybe your mind is active as well.

I think it's also just an individual thing too. For example, when I am away from home and sleep somewhere different, I have weird dreams all night long, every night, until I get back home xDD.

Though, a fever is usually the cause of weird dreams when ill.

If it persists after you've recovered, then I would worry about it.

Best of luck~! :)

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a fever is usually the cause of weird dreams when ill

This is my experience. Usually fevers (even not very high ones) come with nightmares. Of course anything that disturbs your sleep can change your sleeping patterns so if you can't breathe that well, that might have a similar effect.

Hope you have some better dreams next time you go to bed.

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My bet would be low-grade fever causing it, but if you've been taking any cold medicine then it's quite possibly that.

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so I'm thinking it's happening just because I am sick.

^^ this - I often have very disturbed nights when I'm feverish

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My mother, who is a doctor, told me an interesting anecdote:

You see, we all react differently to the common viruses, don't we? Some people have sneezy colds, some of them have helpless coughing fits, some of them get all feverish and miserable.

But my mother has met a guy to whom the cold virus would always attack the part of brain which controls balance. While having a cold, we wouldn't have any of the common symptomes, he would just be unable to walk straight! :yes:

So I see no reason why this wouldn't be from cold. Plus, here is always good ol' fever, who is quite likely to participate.

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