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This is from the dream I had last night. I tried to incorporate sneezing.

Aang woke up to see Katara sitting one the end of his bed. He looked at her with confused eyes.

Before he could speak, she said "You were screaming in your sleep," He sat up. His body ached. The scar on his back from Azula stung. he could hardly breathe through his congestion. Aang tried to get out of bed, but it hurt. He decided to stay in bed for a couple minutes. Maybe the pain would get better.

"Are you okay?" Katara's worried eyes soaked into Aangs soul. He didn't want to lie to her, but that was the only way she would let him resume with his training.

"I'm fine, I guess I'll help pack for the fire nation with the others. Where are they by the way?" His nose tickled and ran. He wiped it with his knuckle. Katara looked down.

"They left already," she said, obviously ashamed. "You were really sick, Toph could feel you shivering and you were sweating at the same time. we didn't think that we should take you,"

"I'I'm fine! Why d-did you n-need to go Heshew!" he sneezed force into the crook of his arm. Katara had that 'Oh really, your fine' look an her face, but it was mixed with a bit of doubt and worry. "Nxxt, itashew!" He put the covers back over his head and Katara remained on the bedside next to him.

Should I continue? My dream isn't done. What do you think?

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