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One Direction?


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yeah that one was definitely liam sneezing. Still no luck on louie sneezing. Guh i would kill to hear him sneeze.

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Yeah, that's the link that I shared above. I really like Louis and he's the only one I've never heard before. I WANT TO SEE IT SOOOO BADLY!!!!

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ahhh didnt realise it was the same one sorry!!! *facepalm*

I love these guys, il keep my eye out if I find any more :)

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I've shared this link on the other post,but some peeps still don't know.

Louis does a fake sneeze here:

at 2:16 :D

However,it is audio-less D:<

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I have no knowledge of wich videos have Louis Tomlinson sneezin in them but I wish I did

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