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Sick... :( (self-obs, f)


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I've had a cold for the past two weeks...so stuffed up and feeling nasty. And i've just lost my voice and i have two chorus concerts next week so i'll probably be sick even longer...

I've tried and tried to not sneeze but a few times one or two have slipped through, i'm not really good at spelling my own sneezes but it's something like "huh'TICHEW!"...


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Grrrrr..... No joke, i am STILL sick. I'm going home from school early because i can barely keep my eyes open (i only came in because i had a math test). Thanks a lot, dumb butts at school who don't cover their damn mouths. If i had access to the Snake Pit, i would be raving right now like a lunatic!

And to top off my wonderful (not) week, i succumbed to my least favorite thing in the world yesterday - nose blowing. Sorry for those blow fetishists out there because i cant spell that for the life of me. I could have a field day spelling what i sound like though, because i'm still stuffed up as all get-out...

Grrrr again. Being sick sucks. :( going home now, dreams of Rocky Horror and my new Avengers fascination... zzzzzzzz

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And next time i have to forget about having to go to a friend's house to film a video project, please God let me not be infected with the fricken Black Plague...

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Sorry everybody for posting, but I think I'm allowed as I started it. If i'm not, mods, go ahead and remove me.


I am so stuffed up, and my chest hurts from coughing (possible ab workout too lol). My sneeze now sounds more congested and ends in a cough so it kinda sounds like "Hit'IKUH-UKUH!"

Ugh.... and I hate sneezing and blowing my nose. I turned on the fan in the bathroom so my mom and dad wouldn't hear me blowing...sorry blow fetishists but i can't spell blows.



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After what seems like a fricken eternity, I'm better. :) thanks everyone for the well-wishes, I really appreciated it

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