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Oh, Irony (Rise of the Guardians)


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Ok guys, so I saw the movie yesterday, and it is SO FLIPPING AMAZING that I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon and write a fic!!!! It was originally going to be a drabble, but it's WAY too long for that. XD Anyway, I LOVE THIS MOVIE IT'S SO GOOD YOU MST WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T YET!!!!!! AJDBUEGBUSBDGSUBVD~ <333333333

Ok, here you go biggrin.png

Fandom: Rise of the Guardians

Sneezer: Jack Frost ('Cause I bet NO ONE saw this coming ;P)

(P.S. I decided to make Jack's blood blue with help from Skye and Blah-san so, thank them XD)

On a rare occasion at the North Pole, it was quite a lazy day for the ever busy Guardians. Everyone was taking advantage of the unusual break, North sculpting in his hermit-cave, Tooth and Baby chattering away with Sandy (well, more like AT Sandy but, you know), and Jack was somewhere around the workshop, probably annoying the Yetties again. Punk kid. Bunymund, having nothing better to do, found himself walking through the extensive library for something good to read. He was just getting to the fantasy section when he heard an odd sound, almost like a gasp, coming from the other side of the bookshelf. Curiously, he want to see what it was, only to be met with a very ironic yet amusing sight.

There was Jack Frost leaning against the bookshelf, head tilted back, eyes clamped shut, mouth parted and a finger held under his blue, twitching nose as he tried to tame his hitching breath. 'Well, what do we have here?' Bunny chuckled quietly, a smirk playing on his lips. Not only at how ironic the situation was, but also that it was true that Jack's temperature was so low that his blood was actually blue. He watched with amused eyes as Jack finally gave into the sensation and sucked in a huge breath.

"hiiih...HAAAAAAH- he'nxgh!!! nxghch!! heeeh-HE'chmmmph!!! ah'xght!! -snf snf-"

A flurry of stifles sneezes burst from the white-haired teen, his hand pinching his nose shut trying to control the explosions. 'I wonder why he stifles like that' Bunny pondered. 'I couldn't imagine his sneezes are that big...hmmmm.' As the fit ended, Bunny felt it was the perfect time to make his presents known.

"Caught ourselves a case of the sniffles, have we Frostbite?" He teased, laughing when Jack jumped at his voice.

"Don't be stupid Cottontale" Jack retorted, a light blue tinting his pale cheeks. Bunny assumed it was his way of blushing, wondering slightly amused if his face got colder instead of heating up.

"I AM the winter. I don't get colds."

"Ai, yet your nose is bluer than my flowers after you've flown your chilly arse through my garden, mate. Care to explain that?" Bunny questioned, staring at the sensitive looking appendage, noticing how Jack's nostrils flared slightly with each breath. Covering his nose with his hand, Jack quickly turned to the bookshelf and started scanning the titles.

“It’s nothing ok? Geeze, you sound like my mother or…something,” the winter spirit replied in an annoyed tone, taking his hand off his nose and sniffling once.

“Nothing ey?”

“Yes, nothing.”

The huge rabbit grinned deviously as he crept up behind Jack and whispered in his ear,

“Even if I do this?”

“Hey, wha-?!” Jack’s eyes widened as Bunny slid his fuzzy finger across the underside of his nose. He blinked hard as a fimiliar tickled decided to make a home in the back of hi left nostril. Gasping and covering his face he backed up to the opposite shelf, unable to regain control over his seasing lungs and tingling nasal passages. He felt his eyes flutter shut as his breath climbed and he once again succomed to a stifled fit of sneezes.

Ehhhhehhe! Ih’nxch!! HI’chhh!!! Nxgt…ihnxgh-HSHHHHT!!! Hiiih…eh! Nxt!! Uhhhn…” Jack swiped at his itching nose with his frost - well…frosted sleeve, temporarily succeeding in calming it.

“That was quite the fit you had there. Still nothing?” Bunny inquired, arms crossed and staring down at Jack skeptically. Jack glared up at his friend.

“I’b dot sick ok? By dose just teh…t-tickles…” he explained, followed by another hastily stifled sneeze. Bunny’s eyes widened when something in his head clicked.

“It’s because you keep stifling.” Bunny stated, the idea just dawning on him. Jack looked up in confusion.

“I’m what?”

“Your sneezes, you keep holding them in. It’s making you sneeze more” He pointed out. “Why do you keep doing that anyway?”

“Because I have to. When I sneeze freely, I loose control of my winds, so they burst out and freeze everything around me” Jack explained. At this, Bunny gave him an odd look. It was a combination of confusion, disbelief, and wanting to smack him upside the head.

“Um, Jack? Why don’t you just go outside? We’re in the North Pole, everything’s already frozen.” Jacks eyes widened in realization and Bunny couldn’t help but facepalm at Jack’s scatterbrained ways.

“How could you not- how long have you been doing this?!” Bunny asked, exasperated.

“A-all day…hey, d-don’t look at me like that!! It just never crossed my mind…” Jack trailed off sheepishly, his cheeks how matching the dark blue tone of his nose. Bunny just sighed and started to pull Jack towards towards the door. But of course they couldn’t just leave, at least not without an interrogation from the lovable big fairy herself.

“Hey guys!” Tooth called in her usual, sing-songy voice. “Where are you two goin- oh Jack! Your nose, are you alright?” She asked in a concerned voice, fluttering up to his face and starting to inspect him.

“I’m fine Tooth. But you might not want to be that c-close to mah- my f-face…eh”

Tooth back off as he turned to the side and clamped his nose shut, letting out a sharp stifle.

“We’re just going outside to fix his little problem Tooth.” Bunny gestured to Jack as he let out another “nxgt!!”

“You don’t happen to have any tissues, do you?” Bunny asked.

“Oh! Yes, give me a second” she stated as she scurried through a nearby door. She came back almost literally a second later with a full box of tissues and handed it to Jack.

“There, you make good use of those!” Tooth smiled warmly as Jack nodded and looked down, probably embarrassed again. He seemed to be feeling that a lot lately. Jack and Bunny finally made it outside, just out or range of the workshop, about 3 minutes later.

“Alright mate, go ahead.” Bunny said, watching as Jack took a deep breath through his stuffy nose and…nothing happened. Jack sniffed a few more times and wiggled his nose cutely but, still nothing.

“What’s taking so long?! Hurry up and get it over with!”

“I can’t sneeze on command!!” Jack exclaimed in frustration and embarrassment. He felt his cheeks cool again and knew he was blushing. That must be like, the eighth time in the last 10 minutes!!!

Bunny sighed, there was no getting out of this one, not with that pain in the neck. “Come on, let’s get this over with.” Bunny walked over to the still embarrassed winter sprite (God he’s glad he doesn’t have to deal with hormones anymore). Just as before, Bunny ran his furry finger against the underside of Jack’s slightly upturned nose, tracing around the edge of each nostril for good measure. The sensitive appendage seemed to come to life at the tickly touch of Bunny’s fingers, twitching and scrunching as if it had a life of it’s own. Soon enough Jack’s eyes became unfocused and and his breath hitched. Bunny noticed as Jack’s hands unconsciously moved to pinch his nose. ‘Oh no you don’t.’ Bunny thought and quickly pinned them behind Jack’s back. He listened as his friend’s breaths became high pitched and desperate. He was so close…(CALM YOUR TITS YAOI FANS)

“heeeeh…ehhhhee…he-he-HA! Hitchuoooooo!!” The first sneeze burst out of Jack full force, snapping him in half as a freezing wind crashed into Bunny and froze the tips of his fur. ‘Thank GOD for fur’ he thought as Jack worked his way through his fit of satisfying sounding sneezes.

“Heptchoo!! Ayishh! Heh-etcheh!! Itchu!! -snf- tchuh Tishhh!!! Ehhe…hiih-hih-hi…hiishh –shhish –tch!!…EH’kshh!! EHCHU!!! -snf-”

The end of the fit left Jack sniffling badly, yet feeling so relieved to be rid of that annoying tickle.

“Sheesh, bless you mate.” Bunny offered while he handed Jack a handful of tissues. Jack made good use of them like he was told, all of them frozen by the time he was done.

“Yeah, thanks.” Jack said, taking a deep breath breath through his nose. He was happy to find that despite it’s still blue color, he could breath clearly throughly his nose without the smallest tingle.

“Hey, I can breath again!! Thanks for that Bunny, if it weren’t for you I’d probably still be at it.” Jack thanked him with a sheepish yet sincere smile.

“It was no p-problem at a-a-all…eh-yahchoo!” Bunny gave a sneeze of his own, he didn’t even realize how cold it was. Jack smiled and jogged to catch up with the big kangaroo as he hopped back towards the workshop.

“Why is it that I always get the short end of the deal when you’re involved?”

“Haha!! Ok, ok. How ‘bout this? As thanks, I’ll make us some hot chocolate and peel you some carrots ‘kay?”

*sigh* “Whatever make you happy Frost.”

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Isn't Jack the awesomest?!?! biggrin.png I absolutely LOVED this movie. and yes, Jack was my most favorite character. tonguesmiley.gif

But OMG.... THIS FIC. Oh...my...WOW. jawdrop.gif This was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for writing this! heart.gif It's adorable and the characterization is great and the scenario is epic and... just.... NOM. drool.gifhypnonew.gifblowup.gifmf_laughbounce2.gif Seriously, I LOVE this. happy.png

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Ai, yet your nose is bluer than my flowers after you've flown your chilly arse through my garden, mate.


Great fic! I still need to see this movie, and all these fics are just confirming that <3

I'm loving the characterization here!

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My gosh, I haven't even seen the movie and I already love Jack. And this fic was amazing!!! Hehe, cute stifly Jack. :wub: Any chance of a continuation? :)

BYE! :bleh:

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This was basically amazing. I love Jack's portrayal as a teenager because, though he has all this responsibility, we forget that he really still is. And his embarrassment was too cute!

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Thanks so much for your support guys!!! I'm so glad you all love this, It's my first legitimate fic (I always write drabbles). Although I don't see how I could continue THIS particular fic, I doubt this will be the last of him from me~ ;P I love you all!!! <333333

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"Jack sniffed a few more times and wiggled his nose cutely but, still nothing." YESSSS

"Bunny ran his furry finger against the underside of Jack’s slightly upturned nose, tracing around the edge of each nostril for good measure. The sensitive appendage seemed to come to life at the tickly touch of Bunny’s fingers, twitching and scrunching as if it had a life of it’s own." YESSSSS!!!

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I haven't watched this yet, however the trailer looks entertaining. JACK FROST <3 I love the fact he loses control of his powers when he sneezes! Really fantastic story! :)

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This was absolutely fantastic!! Everyone was so perfect in character and you have an amazing writing style! :D Thank you so much!! I really hope that you do write more :)

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I can't even. Jack Frost <3 akanaiwhsush . Perf <3 mkai this fic is a masterpiece Oki Oki c: just wow c:

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