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Princesses of Britannia (Code Geass, F)


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Title: Princesses of Britannia

Author: Chronosynclastic

Fandom: Code Geass

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. I have made no profit from the creation or distribution of this story.

Summary: Euphemia and Cornelia (F)

2017 a.t.b.

The most beautiful gardens in all of Britannia were the aerial gardens of the Imperial Villa at Aries. Countless varieties of flowers of all different shapes, sizes, and colors were in full bloom. Only members of the royal family were permitted to enter the garden and witness their beauty. Currently, the garden had but two occupants.

Cornelia li Britannia, Second Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and newly-appointed Viceroy of Area 11, walked the pathways of the garden with a restrained and dignified air. Her every movement seemed to possess an inherent nobility and grace. Dressed in her military regalia, she slowly took in the quiet beauty of the gardens. Because she would soon depart for Area 11, this would be her last opportunity for quite some time to enjoy the gardens, and she wanted to make the most of it.

In sharp contrast to Cornelia's restraint, Euphemia li Britannia, Third Princess of the Holy Britannian Empire and Sub-Viceroy of Area 11, bubbled with exuberance. Rather than wearing formal clothes like her sister, she was clothed in a light white dress. She giggled with excitement as she ran from one flowerbed to the next, marveling at both exotic and common flowers alike.

"Euphie." Cornelia said, slightly reprovingly. "You should comport yourself with a little more grace, now that you're a Sub-Viceroy."

"Oh, come on." Euphemia said. "It's fine when it's just the two of us, right?"

Cornelia sighed. She'd always had a weakness where her younger sister was concerned, and couldn't bring herself to rebuke her more sternly. Euphemia would need to toughen up if she was going to be an effective Sub-Viceroy in the notoriously troubled Area 11... but she might as well enjoy this visit to the gardens, since it was the last she'd be seeing of Britannia for a while. It would just be too cruel to spoil her little sister's good mood on such a fine day.

"Aren't they all so pretty?" Euphemia asked. "And they smell so wonderful! It's like the world's finest perfume!"

Euphemia closed her eyes and inhaled deeply, savoring the scent of the flowers. But their exquisite aroma wasn't the only thing that was drawn into her small, delicate nose; her nostrils became filled with countless grains of pollen as well. As the pollen settled on the sensitive mucous membranes deep in her nose, Euphemia began to experience a peculiar itching sensation.

"Eh...?" Euphemia said.

She wrinkled her petite nose, twitching it back and forth in an attempt to lessen the irritation, but the itch only continued to grow.

"Eh... heh... ehhh.... hehhh...."

Euphemia's nostrils flared repeatedly, quivering in anticipation of the coming eruption. The itch had grown into an irresistible tickle, and a sneeze was now inevitable. Euphemia's eyelids fluttered and her pale face flushed as the urge to let it out grew more powerful.


Her head tilted back, her eyelids squeezed shut, her small nostrils flared wide...


And the sneeze burst out of her.

"Bless you," Cornelia began, but Euphemia hadn't finished/

"Etchoo! Etchoo! Etchoo! Eh... eh... etchooo!"

Euphemia broke out into a sneezing fit, one sneeze after another forcing itself out through her delicate nose. She finally paused, but Cornelia could tell from her expression that the tickle hadn't gone away. Rather, the strongest sneeze yet was welling up inside of her.

"Eh... ah... ehhh... ahhh..."

Euphemia tried hard to fight the urge, but it was futile. The growing pressure in her nostrils was simply too great to contain. There was nothing else that she could do but release the great explosive sneeze that had built up in her irritated sinuses.


The force of this final sneeze was finally enough to expel the last of the irritating pollen from her sensitive nose. But that wasn't all that the sneeze blew out of her nose; its strength was so great that it forced out a large quantity of mucous. Two streams of snot poured out of her agitated nostrils and dripped down her face. It was a completely unbecoming look for a princess.

"Euphie..." Cornelia sighed.

The elder princess walked over to her younger sister and cleaned her face off with a handkerchief.

"I know you're a gentle soul, but you can't act so frivolously when you're Sub-Viceroy of Area 11." Cornelia said. "No one will respect your authority unless you act strict and composed at all times. The Sub-Viceroy has to be a symbol of strength and authority, not a girl who recklessly sniffs flowers and ends up sneezing all over herself."

"I don't think you should be lecturing me on composure." Euphemia said. "You may be the Witch of Britannia to the public, but I know your weakness."

Before Cornelia could stop her, Euphemia plucked a blade of grass and inserted the slender stalk into one of Cornelia's nostrils. As she wriggled the thin blade back and forth inside Cornelia's nose, Cornelia couldn't stop herself from inhaling. That familiar scent hit her, that one smell that never failed to trigger and allergic response: freshly cut grass. When she was a child, she'd always gone into tremendous sneezing fits whenever the gardeners had mowed the lawn. It hadn't happened to her in a long time — she'd been careful to avoid any public display of weakness since she'd started cultivating her image as an indomitable warrior-princess, the Witch of Britannia — but Euphemia had remembered.

Cornelia quickly pulled Euphemia's hand away from her nose, but the damage had been done. Her nostrils had started to convulse, trembling in protest against the aggravating scent of the grass, and there was only one thing that would relieve the irritation. Nothing but a long series of powerful sneezes would bring the fierce itch now tormenting her nose to an end.

Euphemia could tell that the sneeze fit was coming. Cornelia could tell from her sly smile that she saw the signs clearly on Cornelia's face. Cornelia couldn't stop her nostrils from flaring violently, couldn't keep her chest from swelling with a deep inhalation, couldn't keep her eyelids from squeezing shut in anticipation of the impending blast. She struggled as hard as she could to hold it in, but it was useless. Like a long-dormant volcano suddenly rumbling to explosive new life, her old allergies brought about a violent eruption from her nose.


The gale-like force of Cornelia's sneeze made Euphemia's hair fly out behind her as though caught in a breeze. But even that was nothing compared to what was to come; already her broad nostrils were flaring wider in preparation for a still stronger blast.

"Ah... AH... ahhh... AHHHHHH..."

The torturous irritation within her nose built to critical levels; then a series of great, powerful sneezes exploded out of her one after another.

"AH-CHOO! AH-CHOO! Ah ahhh AHHH........... AH-CHOOOOO!"

Then, as always happened at the end of her allergic fits, her nose released a flood of mucous to wash away the irritants. Her final sneeze blew out a mighty spray of snot; then more began to flow in torrents from her red and quivering nostrils. Euphemia quickly handed back Cornelia handkerchief, and Cornelia blew her nose wetly.

"...I look like a mess, don't I?" Cornelia said.

"Pretty much." Euphemia confirmed.

"Sorry I criticized your composure." Cornelia said. "I just worry about you. You've never held a position like Sub-Viceroy before, so you probably don't realize how tough things are going to be. It's going to be a rather big adjustment for you to make. And... I don't want you to get hurt."

"I'm not a frail flower that needs to be protected." Euphemia said. "I may be your little sister, but I'm also a Princess of Britannia. I know what's expected of me."

"Alright then." Cornelia said. "I look forwards to working with you, Sub-Viceroy."

"Same to you, Viceroy." Euphemia said. "But since we still have some time left for today, how about we look at the other side of the garden? I hear they just put in a new flowerbed there last week."

"Just as long as you don't go and get overexcited again." Cornelia said. "I only brought one handkerchief."

The two sisters walked together amidst the beautiful and fragrant garden.

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I love this story very much! What's a cute sisters.

Please write more stories with princesses or noblesse ladies.

Well, noblesse people and sneezing are little bits funny, especially they do them uncontrolable.

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Cornelia couldn't stop her nostrils from flaring violently, couldn't keep her chest from swelling with a deep inhalation, couldn't keep her eyelids from squeezing shut in anticipation of the impending blast. She struggled as hard as she could to hold it in, but it was useless. Like a long-dormant volcano suddenly rumbling to explosive new life, her old allergies brought about a violent eruption from her nose.

Love. This.

You are writing some great fics Chronosynclastic - large, powerful sneezes are my personal heaven, and you write them so well :D

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Terrific! Two princesses being messy all over each other and indeed causing the lovely powerful sneezes to flow.

I don't know the original, but let's face it, it doesn't really matter........Any more?

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Thank you for your compliments, everyone. I'm glad you enjoyed my writing.

I don't plan to continue this particular story, but I'm working on several others which I'll hopefully be able to finish and post soon.

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