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Math exam today...many, many M obs


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I haven't been on in a while, but this was so good I had to share...

I'm in an extracurricular accelerated math program, so I had a math exam today. During my vacation (Hanukkah vacation in Israel, what up!). It was five hours long angry.pngranting2.gifcrazy.gifwallbash.gif. Absolutely ridiculous. But at least this makes up for it...

For some reason the classroom I was taking the test in had only one girl other than me, and about 25 guys. We're all in 10th grade, so age 15-16. We were all there for the second date to take the exam, having missed the first one, so I didn't know anyone. But man, some of them were pretty cute...

It was pretty cold today (for Israel), and rainy, which of course led to cold and wet boys in the classroom with me. Plus it was pretty drafty in there. Which led to mucho sneezing and drippy noses, which led to tissues. All of which are some of my favorite things bleh.gif

It started as we were all filing into the classroom. This one guy, short with light brown hair and glasses, kept sneezing every few seconds as we took our seats and got out pens, paper and calculators. They sounded kind of like "hihh'KISSHoo! . . . hik'shoo! . . . hheh'kshhUu!!" They were actually kind of feminine for a boy, which was funny :P He kept sneezing about every 10 seconds for the first few minutes, then slowly tapered off so he sneezed maybe once every fifteen minutes throughout the exam.

The proctor, a cute-in-a-nerdy-way college guy with curly dark brown hair, sneezed a triple as he was explaining stuff about the exam. His build-up was awesome, right in the middle of his sentence. "The first p-part of the exam, which innnh...includes up t-to eleventh grade--hh--material, will beehhh three--hehh--hours long. Th-then you'll--hihh--have a h-half--hahh--hour break annnhh...hehh'SHAAH!!--and c-come...b-back--hh'eSsh'hAH!! Urgh . . . back for the...hehh...f-for the...heh'ESSHH'AAH!! Ugh, god--second part, which *sniff* includes up to twelfth grade material, and will be *sniff* two hours long." (I'm translating so you get the idea.) It was so cute! And to make it even better, every time he sneezed half the guys shouted "Bless you!" at him, which he acknowledged with a nod.

After that, as the proctor was handing out the exam paper, another guy came in, absolutely soaked from the rain outside. "Sorry I'm late," he mumbled. "The rain..."

"That's okay," the proctor smiled at him. "Have a seat," he gestured at the spot next to me, the only one available. I was very happy with this development, as new guy was seriously hot (or maybe I just like soaking wet, shivery guys :P). Tall, shaggy black hair plastered to his scalp, nut-brown skin and huge black eyes. He hurriedly sat down and began pulling things out of his bag. While he was in the middle of rummaging around in it for something, he suddenly gasped and pulled his hand back out. "heh...heh'nkxt!! . . . hh'nkt! hh'nkt! hh'nkt!" he stifled them, pinching his nose between his thumb and forefinger.

"Bless you," I whispered. He blushed and muttered "Sorry..." (I wanted to hug him, he was so cute and embarrassed!)

He kept shivering and occasionally sniffling for the next few minutes. Then I heard his breathing get shaky and start to hitch. "hh . . . heh . . . hehh . . . heh'nkt! hh'nxt! 'nxt! hh'nxt! heh'NGXXT!!!" I winced at the last one, it sounded painful. After stifling them all, he kept his fingers pinched around his nose for a few seconds, blushing. Then he sniffled and swiped his sleeve across his nostrils.

Although he kept getting progressively drier and less shivery as the test went on, he still sneezed a couple more times. At one point, about an hour in, I was fiercely concentrating on calculus when I heard him mutter "Dabn it!" I glanced and saw him obviously struggling to hold back another fit, breath hitching, nose scrunched up and eyes watering. A few seconds later he lost the struggle and dissolved into another fit of pinched stifles. "'nkt! 'nkt! 'nkt! 'nkt! hh'nxt! 'nxt! 'nxt! hh'NKXT! hh'nkt! h'NGXX!" He blushed again and sniffled wetly. Then, suddenly, "hhrRSHHUuugttt!!!" exploded messily out of him, spraying his paper, as he apparently didn't have time to stifle. He swore under his breath. The guy next to him passed him a tissue, and he held it balled up under his nose for a while.

And now for some random other ones.

Someone behind me, I didn't see him, blew his nose in a honking kind of way a couple times and occasionally sneezed huge "HEHSHSHSH!!!"s, muffled into something (probably a tissue).

A kind of cute guy in the front-left corner, sandy hair and gray eyes, sneezed a tickly little fit when I was in the middle of a trig problem and made me totally lose my concentration. It sounded like "heh'ashuu! ashhoo! hashuu! hah'ashu! hah'aptchu!!"

When we got up in the middle for our half-hour break, this suuuuper tiny guy with a typically middle eastern look sneezed a really cute double just as he went through the door. (Photic? Or maybe it was the cold air...) Anyway, it sounded like "hah'atch'ooo! hehh...hah...heh'APTSH'YEW!!" Afterwards he pulled a tissue out of the pocket of his hoodie and blew his nose thoroughly.

And, last but not least, a big blond guy with a baby-face had a sneezing fit of epic proportions during the second half of the exam and had to be excused to go to the bathroom for a few minutes. It started out slow and build-upy, like "hihh'ETSCHH!! . . . hahh . . . heh? . . . heh! heh'ATSCH'oo!! hh-heh . . . hihh . . . hh-haTSSCHH!!" but quickly picked up speed until he was sneezing these huge sneezes, the throat-scrapy, three-syllable kind, but rapid-fire. "ahh'UTSCHH'hah!! huh'TSCHH'yew!! hep'TCHH'shoo!! huhh'ITTSCHHUu!!" He must have sneezed at least thirty times before the proctor got concerned and sent him out to the bathroom to catch his breath. I have no idea what caused it, but it was epic.

So I guess at least if I get a bad grade, I'll know why...because the combination of math and a ton of sneezy boys for five straight hours makes my brain go mf_w00t2.gifhyper.gifmf_zippy.gifdribble.gifmf_laughbounce.gifJumpy.gif. Unfortunately, I can't really use that excuse on my parents, or my teacher...

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Oh my god you had so many experiences in the course of five hours. BEST MATH CLASS EVER!

My favorites have to be the guy who stifled like 20 times, he must've got so sick from the cold. LOL The proctor had a nice buildup so did the last one. These are some awesome obs :D

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Good god, I hope you passed LOL That's so amazing ;____; SOME PEOPLE HAVE ALL THE LUCK (or maybe bad luck because these things always seem to happen during some kind of exam :D)

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Wowey. That sounds like a long math test with all the sneeze boys. I hope you passed. But lucky you. That must have made the exam seem a little shorter.

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Lovely! I would have lost my concentration in a bit and start fantasizing about all those sneezing boys. It's so hard for me to hear a boy having a long sneezing fit! Lucky you :)

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