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I'm so screwed!


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Oh my God, I really don't know what I'm gonna do!!

It's like, the 12th of December, and I have done no christmas shopping at all. and what's worse, I have no idea what I'm going to get for everyone!!

(sorry, i lied, i've got my brother a CD glare.gif )

I'm trying to do all the shopping online, becaue all the massive department stores like Meadowhall and the Trafford Centre etc are all gonna be mobbed!!!

i have my brother's gf, my mom, my step dad, my fiance, my fiance's mom, dad and brother, my secret santa for work, my best friend and her fiance all to buy for - and no idea what to get any of them!!!!

someone please help, what have you got/getting for your families/friends??

i'm such a dork! sweatdrop.gif

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Normally, I'm in this exact same predicament. The only thing that even started me shopping earlier this year (by which I mean this past weekend) is secret Santa being this past Monday.

But what I've gotten for family and friends...well, I asked my parents specifically what they wanted first. I got my mum a couple of CDs, and my dad's an impossible human being to buy for so I haven't even looked yet.

My closest friend, I got her a gift card (always a pretty safe bet for secret Santa things - I always wondered if it seemed thoughtless, but then I thought about how much *I* like them and figured I'm giving people the chance to get something they know they want) and I'm going to make her something she's been asking me to make for months.

Secret Santa, I made a crochet Bulbasaur plushie. I asked a friend what she liked and they said she's obsessed with Pokemon.

But when I buy gifts, I try to think of things I know they like. Where they shop, what they like to eat, anything they like to do, and go from there. If you can latch on to some kind of theme with them, then it can make things a lot easier. Or in the case of your family, see if they'll just tell you something along the lines of what they want and try to find something similar.

I hope that helped (to be honest, I'm not exactly an experienced shopper with these things :lol: )!

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Aww thank you for your help :)

the only problem I have is my fiance's parents don't like anything lol, they're really quite old fashioned and don't watch DVDs, they don't drink or listen to music (or if they do i have no idea what!!)

the only other problem is my lack of funds haha. and i've totally run out of things to get my fiance cos in the past years I've already got him all the really nice stuff like framed pics of me and him, aftershave, a suprise weekend away, and now I'm just out of ideas cos I don't want to get him something he's already had in the past. and again, there's nothing he's into massively, except beer and his xbox (typical male!!! :P)

i know i'm going to end up at some massive department store this weekend getting stressed before i've even gone inside cos i can't park anywhere :P

don't get me wrong, i love christmas, but this year is just going to be a nightmare!!

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