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Youtube vloggers? (Or whatever really...?)


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I've been wondering, do any of you guys have youtube channels that aren't for sneezing? Does anyone vlog, do beauty tutorials, sing, etc? Don't worry, I'm not going to ask for your channel names or anything but I find it so strange that I could have watched someone from the forum without knowing it! Would anyone like to start a channel? What if someone here is really youtube famous and we're all oblivious blinksmiley.gif ?

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I do have a channel! Mostly for subscribing to vlogs I love. I would like to try to make vlogs on occasion, but there's something that gives me pause about it. Maybe someday.

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Ohh yeah the.outlaw2011 I've checked out your wavs and I'm sure I followed a link to your channel once or I could possibly be making this up. My memory has failed me but either way the ones I have heard are really good!

Amyparda, I was considering that once but I don't think I could have had the guts to upload them, that's why I was wondering if there's another member who actually does them!

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I don't do much with my own, but my friend has a YouTube channel where we, and a few other of my friends, do gaming videos (mostly Minecraft adventure maps)

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