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Pfffffff... actually I really do not like this time of the year. The hunt for original Xmas presents is such a drag. But as it is part of the game I went to a department store this afternoon in order to look for some suitable things.

First I was having a look at the toys for my nephew. And immediately my attention was drawn to a game in a blue box with an polar bear on it - yes I saw it right, a sneezy polar bear hihi ! http://baby.marktplaza.be/gezelschapsspellen/MEGABLEU-HATSCHI-IGLOO-25963935.htm

This is what my nephew will get under the Xmas tree.

Next I went to the household dept where an older couple approached one of the staff. In a loud voice the lady asked: excuse me, where can I find cotton handkerchiefs ? Ah, the cloth handkerchiefs you mean, madam ? At the end of this corridor you will find a rack with our collection. WOW ! I followed the couple and watched them as the man made his choice: he choose 2 packets: a 6-pack with 3 shades of blue, and another one with white hankies with coloured edging. His wife checked the quality by wrinkling and rubbing them, murmured her approval and then they put them in their trolley and continued their way.

I inspected the collection but could resist the urge to buy some sets :-)


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Your gonna make your nephew a future one of us ;). There is also an Elmo who sneezes. I wonder if a toy started me down this path?

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