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Big morning sneezes in the car. (Self obs-male)


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This is my first observation, please bear with me. I may be a bit long here. Also, this may not be your thing if you don't like huge, messy sneezes.

A few days ago, I was getting ready for work when I started to feel my usual morning tickle, deep in the back of my nostrils. My wife and two small kids are still asleep so I never let a sneeze escape while I'm in the house in the early hours. My sneezes are very powerful when I let them go, my wife says I shake the windows! Luckily, I can usually stifle them or delay them when I need to.

So I'm stumbling around the house, getting all my stuff together when I feel the tickle intensify. I'm standing over the Kuerig, getting a to-go cup of coffee when I feel the sneeze build. I try not to take deep breaths and pinch my nose close as I hold back the explosion, HHEC-NNPPH! It hurts my ears and leaves me dizzy, but it's better than waking the kids up a hour early! I know more sneezes are coming so I hurry out the door.

As I get into my car, I feel the warm, tickley feeling return to the back of my slightly stuffy nose. I'm thankful that Ill finally be able to let my sneezes out and give me some relief. As I pull out of my driveway, I can feel the powerful intensity of my sneeze reflex building, my breathing has become deep and slow, my already wide nostrils are stretching even larger as they quiver. I'm driving with my eyelids half closed, glad that I'm the only car driving through my neighborhood at this hour. As pull out on the deserted main road, I take two hitched breaths, and then allow the massive sneeze to overtake me in a slow wave, HEEEEEAAASHHIOOOO! It is a drawn out release that shakes my entire body. I normally attempt to cover in the car but this time I keep both hands on the wheel as I feel the intense cloud of spray cover my hands, the steering wheel, the dash, and some of the windshield. The next sneeze is coming along like a freighttrain so I gasp in a huge intake of air that fills my lungs to capacity, HUUUUUH....AAAAAAAAAAAAASHIIIISHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! This sneeze is somewhat less vocal, it is mostly spray. I aim my mouth down this time and completely soak my fleece jacket. I'm glad I have a 15 minute commute to try and clean this mess up. My ears are ringing and I'm a little dizzy from all this but I realize there's one more sneeze on the way. I take a couple of more hitched breaths and bring one hand up in a futile attempt to cover, HEEAAAAAAARSCHIIIIOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This one is a violent combination of roar, mucous, and wetness that completely soaks my hand and goes just about everywhere else. Probably would have been better to just let it fly.

Im exhausted and covered in sneeze but I finally feel relief. Another bonus is that I'm wide awake. There's nothing better than a good sneeze to get you going in the morning.

I hope you guys like this! I'm sorry it got a little long. Thanks!

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