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Have you seen any movies recently that you want to review? Say your opinion about it? Would you change anything about it? Would you recommend it to us?

Or do you want to find out more about the movie you are about to see?

If yes, you're at the right place. So, feel free to discuss any movie you can think of. And I think we can also count the episodes of series such as "Hammer House of Horror", "Play for Today", "Tales of the Unexpected" etc. since the plots of their episodes aren't really connected to each other. So, enjoy!

The last "let's call it" movie I've seen was... "SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis". :blushing:

Truth to be spoken, I am a bit disappointed. The storyline was great, but it was neither as funny or as amusing as it could be. And I've been (although not religiously) following SpongeBob for almost ten years, sometimes by myself, sometimes with my younger sister who really likes it, so I know how awesome it could really be. And I expected the songs to be *a bit* catchier. So, basically, it was entertaining, but just to kill the boredom for a bit less then an hour.

But the thing that got me mad was... well, you see, when you find out they hired an ex-rock singer (a bloody legend, to be honest) to voice act one part you expect him to... umm... ugh... what's the word? Sing, perhaps? But nooooo, from nine songs in the entire soundtrack, he doesn't sing nor an one line.

My post is over, I expect yours!

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i recently seen rise of the guardians and omg it has to be my favourite film this year! it was just so funny for all the family and its super cute and SNOW!!! its such a good film and the voice cast is just EPIC.. not a good review ahaha, but yea it was a brilliant film ^^

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