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French Maid Sneezing From Dust (F, Allergy)


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I've been off work for a couple weeks following surgery so I had lots of time to occupy. Ended up redrawing something I did at the start of the year. The original idea was Pilgrim's - a French maid sneezing from dust and knocking things over because of it. There WAS a background I was gonna do, including those things being knocked over...but...I got bored xD So she gets a dumb little shadow thing to stand on instead. I have it in a resolution that's a bit over twice this size if anyone's interested too (so you can see all my mistakes, heh :P) Here's what I did anyway. Hope people like it! Constructive criticism is always appreciated...:)


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She may want to rethink her career, or find an employer who has a thing for beautiful sneezing women.

If she is looking for work I would hire her. XD

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I really want to leave you some constructive criticism, but honestly, I can't really think of anything to criticize.

She's so cute! And I especially love all the little details on her clothes. The bows are a nice touch. I think she needs a hug. :P

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HOT! Haha very nice artwork, Kiwi. I wouldn't mind seeing the high res version. I hope your recovery is going well. Thanks for sharing this with us.

- PF

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Oh wow, this picture is awesome :) It seems like an interesting job choice with a dust allergy, but I think she made a good job choice xD Awesome job :D

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Kiwi this is beautiful! You've really gotten so much better with your artwork and the details are great! Thanks for sharing <3

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Wow! She is amazing :D Love how you've captured her expression, and the maids uniform is the icing on the cake ;)

We can never have enough sneezy maids on this forum in my opinion yes.gif

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Heh. What a coincidence, I've been playing a maid who's allergic to dust AND feathers over on the roleplay board. I'd been wanting to see a picture of that sort of thing for a while, too.

Long story short, lovely picture. I hope we see more from you in the near future.

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Awww thank you all so much for the replies everyone :) I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you like it :D It's very encouraging to see such a positive response!

pfsf2010, the link to a higher res version so you can see all my little errors :P Everything except the apron detailing and dust is vector, or I could make it as large as required haha xP

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas :D

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