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HELP! Need to find this old show!


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I don't know if I'd post this topic here or somewhere else, but here goes:

When I was younger, there was this show that went inside the human body- the body of a teenaged boy. I remember this because the fist episode I ever watched was the one where the boy is playing outside with a dog, then starts sneezing (go figure). His mother tells him he can't play with the dog because he's allergic to it, but then he sneezes out pollen and she finds he's allergic to that, so he gets to keep the dog. Then he gets a cold. I remember the scene where he's in the bathroom with his sister using nasal spray and says something along the lines of "Relax, *blank*, it's just a cold." Later, he uses too much nasal spray and gets a nosebleed. And I remember the theme song had something where he's playing basketball and scrapes his knee and they show you the body healing it or something like that.

But for the life of me, I CAN'T remember the name of this show! It's been bugging me for years! Does anybody know???

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This is most definitely "Ozzy and Drix," a TV show spinoff of the movie Osmosis Jones. I have some pretty fond memories of this show too.

There was also another episode that took place partly inside a girl's nose, though unfortunately she didn't sneeze at all. Wasted opportunity if you ask me, but it was still a fun show.

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