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Hey im new here (well new posting not lurking ;) ) and some of you may know me off Youtube!

anyway to the obs...

i was at work today, and me and a fellow collegue were asked to dust, immediately i was like oh great allergies knowing just a little dust sends my nose crazy. however little did i know my collegue ( called S) would be the same!

S is about 5 foot 4, long brown hair, very skinny, pretty with a rather large nose on a small face.

we started to dust and i stiffled sneezes to which S blessed me. She then went "ooh my nose tihhhehhtickles" i was then paying very close attention to see whether she would sneeze

" ohh Gheehheeh Gosh i'm gunheeheeeeehha snhusnn HEHHCHOO HEHCHOO" two sneezes ripped out of her tiny body at a very loud volume to which i blessed her it wasnt over there "hehcoo huptchoo heeeh hhhhheeehh heeehh damb its stuck" her little sneezy expression was so cute! THEN she did something that nearly made me keel over! she decided the only way to relieve herself from the stuck sneeze was to SNIFF THE DUST FILLED RAG!! I was like OH MY GOD stretcher.gif Almost immediatly she went into a huge fit of loud, wet sneezes, i counted to 42 and then lost count!!

Amazing, lets just say i will not be so reluctant to dust with S again!!

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I thought you were going to say "i counted to 42 and then lost consciousness." stun.gif I very nearly did. I hope you stay close to this co-worker and her very interesting habits.

btw, I know you from YouTube. I'm HonkytonkLagoon over there.

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WOW! I would have lost the capacity to give my name, much less count! I hope to hear more observations in the future, she sounds wonderfully sneezy! Great observation!

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Just a little bit of extra information about co-workers can sometimes change the tune, can't it? :D Sounds like a fun time. Hope you have more!

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