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Merlin finale (minimal spoilers)


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I thought it was worth mentioning that there's A LOT of hurt/comfort in this episode-- Merlin taking care of Arthur. A couple shots of forehead feeling too.

However I also should warn you that this episode is an emotional roller coaster which I've yet to recover from.


Okay I'm done. I need to think about happy things now. Goodnight!

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So not ever going to watch this. I wouldn't be able to handle it at ALL. I will never sleep again if I do. I am weak.

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Gosh I saw this and I'm still trying to recover! I'm not a fan of snot but from Colin Morgan in the ending scene, whoah a part of me melted stretcher.gif His sniffs were fetish-worthy even if they were from crying. Just gutted it's over now :/

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Ohhhhhh man this was hard to watch. I watched all five seasons in the last two months so I was so devastated that this was the very last episode! But yeah, Colin Morgan is the BEST at crying.

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