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Hello, everyone! This is just a little plot bunny that's been plaguing me for a while. Hope you enjoy! :)

'Something must be done about that Everdeen girl!" Snow raged, pacing back and forth in his large stately office. "She has been evading death for far too long!"

Seneca Crane shuffled his feet nervously but spoke without wavering. "Something will be done about Everdeen, Mr. President," he promised.

"And what would that be, Seneca?" Snow demanded, glaring dangerously at the other man.

A bead of sweat popped out on Seneca's forehead. "My men have been working on a new invention, something that we can put to work quite nicely in the arena."

With that, he reached into an inner pocket of his suit and brought out a small silver ball, no bigger than a tennis ball. Snow stared at it doubtfully.

"And what is this new invention?"

"It's a bomb, of a sort, Mr. President," Seneca answered. "Except that instead of explosives, it carries something a little different inside. It's a sneeze bomb, sir. We've made quite a few of them in the past few weeks, using different irritants- pepper, dust, pollen, hay and cotton particles, sawdust. But this one..."

Seneca trailed off for a moment and gave the bomb an admiring glance. "This one," he continued, "is a little different. It's a feather bomb. Inside are millions of microscopic feathers, all just as effective as one single feather would be to an unsuspecting nose. Out of all of the bombs, this one has proven to be most effective. While some of our test subjects could resist or stifle their sneezes with the other bombs, this one seems to elicit large and irrisistable sneezes."

Snow raised an eyebrow thoughtfully. "Loud?" he asked.

Seneca nodded. "Very," he said. "The sneezes were very loud and it appeared, from the expressions on our subject's faces, that they could not resist. They were helpless; couldn't fight off the sneeze to save their life."

Snow suddenly grinned, showing all his teeth. "So we use this feather bomb against Everdeen to flush her out, reveal her to the other tributes," he said thoughtfully.

"Yes. And dying by the hands of the other tributes is much more interesting to our audience than if we did it ourselves, not to mention the added suspense when she tries to fight the sneeze."

Snow nodded. "The crowd will be on the edge of their seats," he agreed. His grin grew wider until he resembled a demonic Cheshire Cat. "Alright, Seneca. Start moving the other tributes in her direction and then, when the time is right, use our beautiful new invention."

Then he turned away, heading to his private garden to tend to his roses. This is going to be a very good end to a very interesting game, he thought with a wicked smile.


Katniss was hunting when she heard the approach of the Career Pack. Looking up sharply, she spotted their movement closeby in the forest. Luckily she was already high up in a tree, the flimsy bow she'd made earlier strung and ready. Still, she'd rather avoid confrontation- and the risk of injury- altogether, so she twisted around to the other side of the tree, pressing her back firmly against its trunk.

After a few seconds, however, she became aware of a soft beeping. Looking up, she saw a little silver parachute floating down. Her heart leapt with excitement and curiosity- what had Haymitch sent her? But as the parachute drifted to a stop right in front of her nose, she realized quickly that this wasn't a gift from a sponsor.

Before she could do anything, swat it away or some other such reaction, the little silver ball attached to it opened with a sigh, releasing a cloud of what looked like white mist, which disappeared quickly.

For a moment, Katniss blinked, confused. What was this mist supposed to do? Should she breathe it in? Should she not?

Little did she know that while she was thinking this, millions of tiny feather strands were travelling swiftly up the soft corridors of her nose. Some of them brushed against the inner walls, gently drawing moisture from them. Some of them draped themselves over ridges or got caught in crevices. Quite a few floated to the very back of her nostrils, where they fluttered back and forth with each breath.

At first, Katniss only noticed when the inside of her nose became wet. She sniffed as it began to run...and her eyes flared open wide.

When she sniffed, she drew the feathers even deeper into her nose, where they went to work tickling mercilessly. The sharp and sudden urge to sneeze overcame her, and for a moment she forgot the need to be quiet.


Quickly, she pinched her nose shut and the sneeze backed off...a little. But the feathers were still in her nostril, floating and tickling and teasing. Her eyes watered and rolled into the back of her head as they danced and waltzed and rubbed against every ticklish nerve ending in her nose. Soon, it wasn't just enough to pinch her nose. The sneeze was coming anyway.

In Snow's office, he watched, eyes fixed avidly on the screen.

"Oh, can't fight anymore can you, girl on fire?" he teased viciously, watching her face, now softened and made vulnerable by the waxing sneeze, contract and contort in preparation for its explosive release. "Nowhere to run, no one to fight, with a sneeze."

Her head bobbed up, her mouth and nostrils flaring with each gasp, as the sneeze reached its climax.

"Yes, that's it! Can't help it anymore, can you?" he hissed, trembling with triumph. "Just give in, you damn pest! Feel the tickle, give in to it. Sneeze!"

Eyes tightly closed, chest heaving and expanding, Katniss couldn't help but succumb to the torturous, billowing climax.

"Ohhh...oh no-hoahhh...ahahh...ha-uhh...hih! Hih! Hih! HhhiiiiTCHOOOOO!"

Alerted by the sneeze, the Career tributes stopped.

"Did you hear that?" Clove asked.

Cato nodded. "Yeah. Sounded like someone sneezed."

Clove tugged excitedly on his arm. "I bet it was Katniss, Cato! C'mon, she's somewhere closeby!" she exclaimed.

A wicked grin graced Cato's face. "Yeah, I bet you're right. She's one of the only ones left. C'mon, let's get her!" he said.

And Katniss's blurry, tear-filled eyes widened in horror and dismay at the sounds of swift approach...

To be continued...?

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Really enjoyed reading this - President Snow, you dirty devil biggrin.png

And should you continue? Of course you should!

Yay, I'm glad you liked it! :) I will have part 2 up in a jiffy!

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What a genius idea! I love this and I can't wait to read more! :-D

Thank you so much! It's fun experimenting with things like the Hunger Games because they already have all this high-tech stuff.

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Woot. Can't wait for the next one. Really nice concept XD I love sneezing while hiding.

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