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Hello there!


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I'm not necessarily new but I had to make a new account since I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what my password was and the email on file was shut down ages ago. oops sweatdrop.gif

Anyway, I'm glad to be here since I've been shut out for a good 10 months before I decided to cut my losses and make a new account.

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Hey hey! biggrinsmiley.gif

Don't worry about it, we've all been there! ...or, maybe its just you and me that are daft enough? (This is my new accout after I lost the old one ages ago and spent just as long thinking about doing something about it. sweatdrop.gif )

Anyway, welcome back!!

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Thanks! I just feel sad about not being able to access my old one since I joined about 10 years ago lol and had a lot of posts, etc.

Ah well, new starts I suppose. :D

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