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Bad cold, sneezing and care-taking (f & m)


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Last week I caught a bad cold that came on suddenly and still hasn't bothered to go away.

I was staying over at my boyfriend's because of a few events we were having at his place (his birthday, christmas, etc) and at first I just had a tickle in my throat that was annoying but not really alarming in any way so I thought maybe it would pass. However the next day I woke up with the works- sore throat, headache, sneezing- and I must have sneezed once or twice every 15 minutes for the entire day. They sounded a little more desperate than my usual sneezes so they were a bit wet and always made my eyes water. Spelling them out, they would have sounded like "Heh-essshui".

The sneezing continued and I began to get the usual achy-ness that usually follows as well as a few fevers over the course of the next few days. My boyfriend was an absolute doll the entire time, making me tea, checking me for fevers and cuddling in close when I was all shivery. A few times I would wake up in the middle of the night because he was throwing more blankets on me or pulling me in close to warm me up or rub my back because I was moaning in my sleep. blushsmiley.gif

I've never been taken care of before and it was such a nice feeling and a couple days into this cold he ended up catching it as well. His immune system is in way better shape then mine but he still was sniffly and more sneezy than he usually is (I can usually count on at least 1 sneeze a day, more if he comes over because of his cat allergy). I got to witness several sneezes from him throughout the day, his are very wet and forceful, making him bend forward a bit as he scrambles to turn away so he doesn't spray me lol. His sound more like, " Huh-uh-etchsuu". He teased me playfully each time by asking if he was "distracting" me.


He knows about the fetish and is very accepting and enthused about it, stating that sneezing is something he does often and if it makes me happy, he's happy to do it. So I lucked out majorly!

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See, this is the kind of thing I'd want in a relationship, ideally. I'd hope that I'd find someone willing to capitalize on this part of me, as well as stay with me through the bad bits. You sound like you have something special there. Good for you, and thanks for sharing!

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