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Tokimeki Memorial- Sakuya


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I've been addicted to Tokimeki Memorial and I really kind of hated Morimura Sakuya because he's the completely sensitive due who keeps bombing and refuses to let me get together with Kijyou ==; But THEN in a walkthrough ,I saw "Morimura Sneezes" and my whole life flipped. Now, I don't think it's be terribly hard to win this guy over, but I'd rather not go after because he is a little annoying so I'd appreciate if anyone has a video file of this sneezing scene. :D


Otome-obsessed. :heart:

I need a life LOL

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Wow. I had no idea that there was sneezing in the first TMGS game. I just thought all the good stuff was in Second Season (or "Second Kiss", depending on what you play it on) when you get the little mini-game and walk home with the guy and do absolutely nothing. There's also one from one of the "DS exclusive" guys when you get stuck in the rain with him.

Looks like I'll have some TMGS to play soon after I play some iM@S2 and Love Plus for today. (I've already gotten Hazuki's ending as well as... uh... what's-her-face's ending. She's that rich girl on the tennis team. So I've got plenty of time for some Morimura at the moment)

Oh, by the way, around what part of his route does he sneeze? That way I'll know what to expect and I might be able to record it. :D

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Oh my gawd I love you :heart:

It should be around mid-relationship when you go out on a date and he's drinking tea. Basically he can't drink hot things because he'll sneeze :D In a walkthrough, it says this:

6. Drinking a milk tea after he sneezes and notices that he got cat's tongue (can't drink hot

stuff) Date him at the Cinema in winter time when he wears a white coat.

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I will admit that I did use some stat cheats to speed things up a bit so I could get the scene as soon as possible, though.

Sorry about the logo at the top, by the way. "Bandicam" was the best free recorder I could get that would actually record both screens.

Anyway, Morimura is absolutely adorable in this scene! He's so nice and sweet. His sneezes are the cutest ones I've heard in the TMGS series so far. I want to give him a big hug.

I can't believe I pretty much hated the guy in my other playthroughs...

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I pretty much spent much of today imagining this scene but omg I'm gonna go and watch it like right now THANK YOOOOU :heart:

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