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Cleaning lady sneezes


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I was walking down one of the hallways at work while one of the cleaning ladies walked past me, pushing a supply cart. She sneezed as she passed me, pulling her shirt up over her mouth and nose, "hupt-sshhhh." It was a fairly quiet sneeze but sounded very wet. I blessed her, she thanked me and continued on. As I walked away she sneezed again, "hupt-iiissshhh!" This one had a bit more volume and intensity. I stopped in front of a time clock so I could pretend like I was waiting to clock in. I looked down the hall in time to watch her catch another sneeze in her shirt, "hupt-issssh!!" She resumed walking for about three steps and then, "hupt-ssssssh!" At this point I'm thinking that her shirt and skin underneath must be getting soaked. I watched for a bit longer but it appeared her fit was done. She disappeared down a side hallway.

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No replies to a story about a sneezing maid? We can't have that! Don't suppose she was wearing a french uniform, huh?

I wonder what had her going. In any case, I wish you more to come!

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