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Sneezy Guy at the Gas Station


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Recently my best girl friend came over and we had went to the gas station to get some snacks for the night. We had walked in and I immediately noticed the guy at the cash register. He was tall, probably.about 6' 2 and he had dark hair with the cutest mustache and short beard. He looked to be 21-22 years. My friend and I walked around a few amd went to pay. She was fidgeting.through her purse for.money and i was looking down at my.phone when i was surprised to hear him take a deep breath and sneeze. It was somewhat coughlike with a tiny bit of wetness.. i looked up, putting my phone away. Soon enough, he brought up his jacket, buried his face in it, ans sneezed a similar sneeze, turning harshly away from us. He brought his face back up and i managed to sqeak out a bless you. He kindly said thank you and we walked out.

Well I never thought id get turned on by a guy sneezing in a dirty gas station(:

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