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I was thinking lately about just how much I am in love with tattoos - especially men with lots of tattoos :D

Well, as long as they're tasteful and personalised - nothing winds me up more than people who put no thought into what tattoo they get and just pick one out of a book in the tattoo studio. Don't you realise that a million other people have that tattoo???

Sorry this wasn't meant to be a rant lol.

I was just wondering if anyone on here had any tattoos, and if so, what are they, and do they mean anything?

I have quite a large pixie at the top of my back - she's sat down with her legs bent and her elbows resting on her knees, its a portrait angle from the side. She was my first tattoo and I wanted something personal, so I designed her myself. Other than that, she has no other meaning.

I have a daffodil on my foot in memory of my late grandad - his favourite flowers were daffodils, and sadly he had a stroke 4 years ago and passed away, but my nan planted a daffodil in the garden in Australia for him. The daffodil on my foot has 2 petals floating away in memory of his 2 brothers who passed away before him and I have his initials JGB underneath the flower. Its a very meaningful tattoo and a lot of thought went into it.

I also have 7 bats on my theigh, the first starting just below the crease in my hip and the last being just above my knee. It is only the silhouettes of the bats though, they're solid black, but it looks like they're fluttering. The only meaning this one has is that I like bats lol. And I got 7 cos my birthday is on the 7th :bleh:

Im really interested in seeing what other people have, so please share if you want to :D

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I have a teeny secret hidden feather (hmmm, I wonder what that could mean?), some tiny stars in various places, the words "Callooh! Callay!" on my left ribcage (lines from the poem "Jabberwocky", by Lewis Carroll, which represent a place that is extremely important to me) and the symbol for an equilibrium reaction on my right ring finger (I got it with my best friend- every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and she is my perfect equal and opposite). I used to have the birth dates of my siblings on the sides of my wrists, but I'm in the process of having them removed. I got them done when was 16, and I found that they were too visible, not well thought out, and I regretted them pretty fast (now my stars represent my family). Removing them has been awful, way worse then getting them done... It's basically like burning away the layer of skin that the ink sits in, so I'm a poster child for thinking over your tattoos thoroughly before you get them done. Most important thing to consider when getting tattooed is that you need to know you'll like it forever.

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I have a quote on my inner arm. It's sort of a personal motto. That's it for me, though I'll definitely get another some day. I've sort of been musing over several (I waited 2 years to make sure I wanted the one I currently have, so I'm nothing if not cautious!).

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I have one on my right foot with written forgiveness, one on my left wrist "love" on the right wrist there's a four leaf with the first letter of my name then I have another one behind my right ear a flower, then another one on my upper shoulder a sort of rose and then going down from my neck till my back there's another one with written "never ever ever give up". All of them I think :)

My boyfriend has so many, all of his arms are covered from top to hands, then he has one on his tummy "punk" and another one on his leg from the group Misfits :)

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I have a large steampunk-style metal heart on my chest with a metal wing extending over my shoulder. It's got a keylock on it as well and plan on getting accompanying tattoo of the key in the palm of my hand at a later date.

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@SomethingClever omg poor you!! i'm really dreading the day i'll regret my tattoos lol, but at the moment i don't. to be honest, i don't think i'll ever regret them, as even though it may look a little silly a 50 year old woman with bats on her legs, it's always going to be a constant reminder of my youth and my experiences, so it's all good :) the feather sounds adorable though, and the quote is just amazing! i love script tattoos. did it hurt on your ribs? i heard it really does, but i really want mine doing lol.

@Dusty15 as i said to SomethingClever, i love script tattoos!! i want some more too, i know what i want it's just finding the right place on my body to have it lol

@MissyLovesSneezes your tattoos sound amazing!! i love tattoos that girls have behind their ears, i think they're adorable :wub: OMG YOU'RE BOYFRIEND HAS A MISFITS TATTOO THEY ARE LIKE MY FAVE BAND IN THE WORLD EVER!!!! tell him that someone somewhere approves immensly of that tattoo haha, i really wanted The Misfits skull tattooed somewhere, but to be honest it's not the most feminine design i've ever seen lol, i really want a tribute tattoo for them somewhere though, but i haven't decided what yet :P

@Zuki your tattoo sounds immense! i love steampunk style, i bet that's really pretty :)

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@PuddinPop the one behind my ear is the very first one I had and unfortunatelly it's the one who was designed the worse :( the tattoo artist wasn't good at all and I was quite young too so I didn't know who where the best artist to go in my city. Eventually I had it retouched from my current tattooer (? correct word?) and now it looks fair enough good and I like it!

YAY I like the Misfits too! The skull that he has is quite big too and he has it on the back of his calf :)

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I have an anchor on my inner forearm with a quote from my favorite poem encircling it. I actually just got it done a few weeks ago - it's my first tattoo and I'm really happy with it!

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@MissyLovesSneezes aww im glad u like ur tattoo now :) one of my friends has a treble clef behind her ear, and I just love it, I just dont think id ever be brave enough to get one thats so on show! my other friend has thr misfits fiend skull on his inner arm, im mega jealous! and he also has a zombie hello kitty which im uber jealous of as well, as I have a pretty major hello kitty obsession :P

@Skye that tattoo sounds really cute, I love modern takes on original tattoos like anchors and swallows and old Sailor Jerry type stuff :)

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i reallly want tattoo's but i hate needles? and idk i want alot of cartoon tattoos because cartoons are like omg love them idk but yea i want a tim burton cat and a bmo from adventure time ^^

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I want a tattoo, but I haven't decided what to have yet. Or where. Also, I have no money. heh.gif

Seriously though; I wanted one on my right upper arm, but I have a lot of scar tissue there (self-inflicted, and yes I regret that. Don't do that, kids. Really. Don't.), so I don't know if it would work, or look good even if it did work. And I have some weird skin discolouring on my left upper arm, so that might be a bad place for a tattoo as well. I don't really know where else I'd like to put it; I want to be able to see it myself, but I don't want to be forced to show it, you know? I want to be able to conceal it by wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. heh.gif

Motives I've considered are, among others, a circle with a sword through, a unicorn, my astrological sign, or the female symbol. Maybe a cat. I've considered having my cats' paw prints tattooed the way my friends tattoo their newborn children's hand or foot prints. heh.gif

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@Skye Your avatar and signature just made me realise that I really miss watching the X-files! Ah, the memories...

Anyway, on the subject of tattoos - not sure I'd ever get one unless I had a truly great idea for one. And probably if I was going to I'd have to go for something big or none at all. No half measures! :D

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Yeah, I made a mistake. heh.gif

To fill this post up, I could add that I have considered a butterfly tattoo in the small of my back, like my OC has. But then again, I want to be able to see my tattoo...

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On 1/23/2013 at 4:42 PM, Chanel_no5 said:

Maybe a cat. I've considered having my cats' paw prints tattooed the way my friends tattoo their newborn children's hand or foot prints. heh.gif

Oh, I've definitely considered this as well. :lol: Either paw prints or a black silhouette of a cat stretching out, since Ariel does it all the time. She is the sketchiest kitty ever.

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I have three tattoos :)

A mustache on the inside of my left index finger, an anchor on the side of my left foot, and "love more" in script on the side of my right forearm

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Omg. I love tattoos on a girl, the more the better. Best game in the world-lying around going over someone's many tatts. I have a tiny broken heart on my inner wrist with an initial in it and a phrase in Yiddish, yes, I know the irony. Don't tell my parents, lol. It says "vilde Chaya" which is like "wild child" but umm...more pejorative.

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