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Secret Santa for Animeeze ~ Amy (Super Sneezes)


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I'm sorry I got this in so late! The only scanner I have is by my dad's desk next to the kitchen. It's hard to catch it alone ^^;

This is for Animeeze from his story : http://www.sneezefet...showtopic=22138

First was a character sketch from his (sequal I believe) "Adventures of Super Beam"


And a quick comic of the first story from Super Sneezes:



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Aww, these are so cute! I love all the finger-under-the-nose panels, and the end of the little comic strip is to die for. Especially the last pane where she's in profile. The little blush on her nose is adorable.

I'm sure Animeeze will love these!

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WOW w00t.gif

I missed these stories so much, and finally seeing a great artist like you illustrate them really brings me back! :D

I know this was specifically for Animeeze, but it would be SO awesome to see you do more of these! ^_^

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Wow, this is all excellently done! I never thought there'd be art of this gal, it's quite a surprise to see! And great quality, too! :D You've got a fan. :)

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Oh, I am so sorry I did not see this until now!! This is...so amazing! You drew Amy and her sneezes perfectly, and this is the best present I could have received, I am so so thankful for this! You are such an excellent artist and all of your works amaze me, how you capture the softness and urgency and desperation of the sneeze is just amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for this :) I have always wanted someone to draw Amy, and I couldn't have pictured it better! I forgot about that old scene from the early story too xD

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Thank you all! I'm glad it's so well received! And I'm really glad Animeeze liked his gift~! This was actually surprisingly fun to draw! XD I can't promise that there will be more, but at the very least I'll try to get more drawings of women out in general. ;D

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Whoah - how have I only just found this!?! uhoh.gif Absolutely amazing artwork - I especially like the bottom right panel when her head is in profile, about to release the sneeze. And don't even get me started on the breasts ;)

but at the very least I'll try to get more drawings of women out in general. ;D

And I guarantee you will have at least one very appreciative customer. Me, in case you were wondering... :D

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that last panel sneeze is.... epic. Dem boobs...! dribble.gif


... Is there a 'DEM BOOBS' face to match the one for 'DAT ASS'?

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These are all excellent. There's something about the nonchalance of her finger under her nose in the first picture which really makes me wonder if there's a tickle trying to get out... Well done!

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