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Describe sneezes of people you know!


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Everyone sneezes differently, so why not share?

I'll start with myself. My sneeze is medium-volume, unless I am sick. Then it is REALLY loud and harsh-sounding. I almost always sneeze in singles, although every once in a while i do a double. I have only had one fit in my entire life. It was a fit of seven uncovered sneezes while in the shower. It felt great! I generally sneeze uncovered if I am alone, and at my wrist if in public or with other people. I hate sneezing in front of other people because I am afraid of being blessed. I don't like attention to be drawn to my sneeze. Of course, you guys can bless me! :-) Every once in a while, I induce. I usually use a rolled up tissue, but I have also used q-tips. I can never get more than a single from inducing. I sneeze most often from being sick, or sometimes just because! My sneeze usually sounds like huh-chiew!

Next is my mom. She sneezes into her elbow. She sneezes a lot, whether she's sick or not. She does not have any allergies. Her sneezes are medium-loud to loud. It is not uncommon for me to jump at her sneezes. They are almost always singles. I have never seen her sneeze more than a double. After her sneezes, she sniffs. A lot. Every 5 seconds, I hear a sniff. This lasts for about 30 seconds. It drives me crazy! My mom's sneeze usually sounds like an-esch-SCHROOF! or an-esch-SCHOO!

Now let me tell you about my dad. He has bad allergies, so that causes a lot of his sneezes. And believe me, they are loud! I always jump after he sneezes. He sometimes has long breathy buildups. He sneezes into his shirt or his right hand, which he cups around his nose. I really wish he would use a tissue because his sneezes are messy. After he sneezes into his hand, he wipes it on his pants. Then he just carries on with a snotty hand. My mom always yells "Germ gel!" or "Gross!!!" after he sneezes. She does this practically everytime he sneezes. My dad sometimes has trouble getting out his sneezes. I remember one time that he was sitting in his computer chair with his hand above his face looking at the ceiling for about ten seconds until he sneezed. My dad sneezes like huh-CHOOOSF.

Now for my BFF M. M sneezes 2 or 3 times at once. Her sneezes are adorable! They are barely audible in a quiet room, so in a loud room, I can only visually tell that she is sneezing. She usually sneezes uncovered into her lap, but her sneezes are never messy. When M sneezes it kind of sounds like a stifle. I've known her long enough to know that she can't let it out anymore than that. Her mom and brother sneeze the same way, so it's probably hereditary. M's sneeze sounds like huh-chuh or chuh.

Can't wait to read yours!

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I was thinking one of my girl friend's sneeze is so cute! I usually don't pay much attention to girl's sneezes, but heres are like Hih-cheeew! Pretty cute.

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I very (VERY) rarely sneeze, and when I do it sounds like "HITSHEW!" Really basic and boring.

My parents' sneezes annoy me, so I won't put them here. :lol1:

My best friend's sneeze is really cute; K sneezes a stifle that kinda sounds like "HISTICH!" and my best guy friend has the cutest stifle, sounds like "HNG-cheuh!"

Thats about it:)

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My sneeze is about medium-loudish volume I'd say. My sneezes are pretty much always three at a time, sometimes more. If I let It go, it sounds like 'HEEE-Tsoo!' Lots of emphasis on the 'HEEE' part. :) I can also silently stifle but that's all I got....

I don't really care for my parents at all an I'd feel kinda weird talking about them. ;)

Last but not least, one of my best guy friends has a really differently cute sneeze. It sounds like, 'Hee-shoo'. It's weirdly cute sounding. That's the best I can spell it but yeah.

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I almost NEVER sneeze. Not even when I'm sick. I am always Sooooo embarrassed when I sneeze. I the rare occasion I do (most likely from inducing) it is medium or loud when I'm alone. When I'm with other ppl I silently stifle. It sounds like cia- shoo

My sis sneezes on occasion (once or twice a week) and it sounds like "ha-ssshhht-uunghh"

My moms sneezes scare the living poop out if me. They are always sudden and loud. And should dry, even if there not. I cans really describe this one.

My dad. He sneezes kinda like "haaaaha-fbfoof"

It sound really airy.

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My sneezes vary from time to time, when I stifle them they are usually still quite strong so they're a half stifle like HHTTSHT! the other ones are quite strong and wet but not gross or exagerated HETSSSHT and sometimes when I'm embarrassed like when in front of people I don't want to sneeze (like my family) I go into mute mode lol

I won't describe my family's sneezes cause I feel too weird and strange.

My boyfriend's sneezes are always the same, they come in triples or in four, the first two are so close together that he doesn't have time to catch his breath in between them HESH-HESH and then the rest follow quite violently HEEESHHHH hitched breath HEEESHHH


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My sneezes are low- medium volume and sounds pretty much like "ssst" "sssh" or "hitsshew" I sneeze pretty often somedays and somedays I don't sneeze at all. I really hate to sneeze infront of people because I don't want any attention to my sneezes and it's so awkward to get blessed by someone tonguesmiley.gif

One of my guy friends has a very cute sneeze!! Its low-volume and sounds like "sss" (like a little cat) or "tsho" his sneezes are so short and they come so fast that he don't see them coming before he sneezes. ♡ but he almost never sneezes :/

Another guy friend of mine has a strong but medium-volume sneeze like "tsshhaah" and his body always goes really fast forwoard and he says that when he sneezes it feels like his back is breaking into pieces. I feel kinda sorry for him tonguesmiley.gif

My guy bestfriend has a medium/loud-volumed sneeze that sounds like "kshho" or "akissho" he only sneezes if he has a cold or is sick

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When I sneeze, it's always at least a double, usually 3-4 times. It usually sounds like He-ATCHOO! He-TCHOO! Huh-huh-ATCHOOOO! I sneeze fairly often, which is cool because sneezing feels great!

My girlfriend usually sneezes in doubles. She has extremely sexy, girly sneezes. They sound like: Ha-tiSHOOOO! *pause* Ah-tiSHOO! She sneezes very rarely, but when she does :o

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Hmm let's see.

My new boyfriend sneezes just once a time. Just a single, quite strong, manly, ATCHHHOO.

I'm quite satisfied with that as he often has a sniffly nose and blows it and that is part of my fetish too.

He also said he's qutie prone to colds and sometimes, without no apparent reason at all, he goes into sneezing fits in the mornings (so he's still in bed, yummy) and doesn't stop sneezing for like 20-30 minutes!, I'd try to record those ones for you :D k? But we've been together since only a couple of months now so no sneezing fits yet.

I'll patiently wait and see when it will happen...... rolleyes.gif

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Unfortunately, the only sneeze action I get all the time is from my Dad's fiance.. She has loud sneezes and she sneezes ALL THE TIME.. Worst allergies I ever known. I have a friend who I have a crush on.. he's sneezed twice with me. The satisfaction is good from the look on his face but he kinda suffocates them and I don't like that.. and also, he apologizes for it. Um.. why would you apologize? he knows my fetish hehe. <3

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